A-Levels at Home

A-Levels is one of those courses that people think they can’t do at home, but actually, that isn’t the case and you can study A-Levels at home. Even for the more tricky subjects that carry extras such as practicals or coursework, you can still study these subjects comfortably from your home and achieve high grades.

Once you have decided on the topics you would like to study, you need to decide how you’re going to study the courses. The great thing about individual learning is that you don’t have to follow the more traditional ‘one size fits all’ style of learning. This means if you were one of those students who struggled at school or college with learning, you now have the chance to find a studying method that suits you and your abilities.

Believe it or not, as an individual learner, you can simply buy the course books on somewhere like Amazon and then begin studying the course under your own steam. Of course though, this style of learning is quite isolating and doesn’t suit everyone. It also means when it comes to getting things like predicted grades for your University application, you’re going to be stuck as you haven’t worked with a qualified teacher or tutor who can authenticate and confirm your ability on the subject.

When it comes to online A-Levels, not only do you get all the course materials you need to study and learn to sit your examinations, but you also get an Academic Expert, who is there to help and guide you through your studies and also mark the work that you complete as you go. This means that when it comes to the all important UCAS application you have someone there to provide you with predicted grades.

What about Courses with Practicals or Coursework?

If you decide to study one of the A-Level courses that come with extra elements such as practicals or coursework, the process of studying the materials is a little different. Science courses come with practicals, these are a set of processes that you need to be able to carry out and complete in a laboratory. Obviously, you’re not going to have a lab at home, so you will need to attend somewhere to practice these and be assessed for them. As you study your course materials, you will touch on the theory of the practicals and what you need to do, but then attend your chosen examination centre to practice them and be assessed on them.

For A-Levels with coursework elements, as you work through your course materials, you will have a section that outlines what you need to produce for your coursework element. From there, your tutor will guide you through constructing your coursework, you will need to have submitted and had marked previous work with your tutor to ensure they can comfortably authenticate your work and submission. Once your draft version is complete, this will be passed to your tutor to rough mark and then sent to your centre ready for submission after you sit your written exams.

If you would like to discuss studying A-Levels at home with Open College, get in touch with our helpful team for more help and advice.