Welcome to Open College. We are a UK based online learning provider who believe that education and learning should be available for all. Our team want to help you gain the qualifications and education you need to reach your goals, regardless of your location or circumstances. We care and we will be with you every step of the way. Distance learning doesn’t have to mean going it alone, we will be there to answer your questions, remind you of important dates and help you achieve the best you can.

We offer online courses in various levels of study, including A-Levels from AQA, Edexcel and Cambridge International. If GCSEs and A-Levels aren’t what you’re looking for, we also have a range of recognised vocational qualifications available for study online, ranging from BTECs to Short Courses, we can help you achieve your educational goals.

With Open College there are no boundaries stopping you from achieving what you want, we offer open enrolment on all our courses, so even if you don’t have qualifications, we can still help you to get the ones you need. You are free to enrol on our courses at any time, we don’t have term times as we know life is complicated and getting to where you want to be hard enough without having to try and work round term times.

Our team are ready and waiting to help, we can offer advice, ideas and input on the best way for you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. All you have to do is ask one of us for help!