Languages are a subject area that has been overlooked when it comes to online learning. People often think that courses based in languages are too difficult to learn and study online. Or that if you study a language online, it won’t be of the same proficiency as that of a language that has been learned in a face to face environment. But with advances in online learning platforms and the speed of the internet, it’s now possible to learn a language of your choice online to the same level as if you did face to face classes.

Language courses are available either for just self improvement and interest, or to gain a qualification to help with visa applications or job prospects. You can gain online qualifications in languages at GCSE, A-Level, iELTs or SELTs levels, all you need to do is decide what level you want to study to and then begin your learning journey.

In particular, if you are looking to go on to university and study in the UK as an International student then you will need a form of Level 3 qualification in English. This can either be an A-Level or iELT or SELT depending on the visa that you are looking to apply for. It is more than possible for you to enrol onto one of these courses and study them in full in preparation for your examinations.

Further to this, a lot of students like to study languages for self interest or other reasons, Open College are always looking for new and interesting language courses to offer to our students. We have a range of courses to suit all needs and wants, if you would like more information on language courses we offer, please get in touch.