Study Online from Another Country

Can I Study Online from Another Country

If you’re looking to live in another country or study in another country, the chances are you’re going to need a visa and/or specific qualifications to be considered suitable. Often students from another country will need to study A-Levels or even GCSEs in order to get an offer on a degree programme at University. When looking at gaining visas for living in another country, you usually have to hold specific qualifications to be accepted. However, it’s often the case that those qualifications aren’t offered in your country, so it can become a bit of a catch 22 situation. This is where online studying comes into its own. You can enrol… Read More

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Are Diplomas Worth it

Are Diplomas Worth it?

Once you have left school and started your career, you may find yourself needing to update your skillset or add to it, one easy way to do this is with a Diploma, but are Diplomas worth it? A quick search on Google will demonstrate the overwhelming number of online colleges and training centres offering Diplomas in just about everything from Accounting through to Zoology, but does that mean they are valued or even recognised by potential employers or universities? The simple answer to this lies with who the Diplomas are certified, endorsed or awarded by. All Diplomas are offered with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, so if you’re learning is… Read More

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Can Distance Learning Students Still Get A-Levels in 2021

Can Distance Learning Students Still Get A-Levels in 2021?

It’s safe to say this pandemic seems to be never ending and the knock on effects of it everlasting! But even with the examination period being cancelled yet again, it is still possible for distance learning students to get A-levels in 2021. It’s understandable for students to worry that because they aren’t in a traditional school or college, that their hard work and efforts on their A-Levels may be going to waste and they will have to wait another year to sit their exams, but that isn’t the case (thankfully). As all tutors on A-Levels are qualified teachers, provided students have been submitting work regularly and have completed the course,… Read More

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Online Tutor

What Is My Online Tutor There For?

When studying online, it is usual for your course to come with an online tutor. These online tutors are very similar to a teacher in a traditional school or college. In many cases, your tutor will have either once been a teacher or still a teacher currently working and doing the online tutoring in their spare time. Regardless of whether you are studying A-Levels or Diplomas, it’s vital that you use your tutor as much as possible. Not only are they there to help and guide you with your studies, but they can also help you with finding additional resources to help boost your knowledge and also suggest great revision… Read More

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Universities Accept Online A-Levels

Do Universities Accept Online A-Levels?

As an online college, this is a question that we frequently get asked about our A-Levels. Although studied in a different way and not in a school or college, online A-Levels are accepted by all universities around the world. Online A-Levels are exactly the same as any A-Level you would study at school or college, you will study the same content and syllabus that the relevant Awarding Body has included within the course content. The main differences you will experience is the way in which the subjects can be studied. Instead of being tied to a strict timetable and term times, when studying online, you can be far more flexible… Read More

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Can GCSEs be Retaken

Can GCSEs be Retaken?

Regardless of when you last did your GCSEs, just like A-Levels, it is possible for students (old and new) to retake their GCSEs in an attempt to receive better grades. Contrary to popular belief, there are no age limits either to when you can do this, although the methods of study will be slightly different to when you were at school. As a mature student, the best way to retake GCSEs is as a Private Candidate studying with an online college. Online courses are flexible and allow for busy schedules whether they are work or family related, so you can fit your studies in around your other commitments. It’s possible… Read More

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A-levels in One Year

Can I do my A-levels in One Year?

Whether your are looking at re-sitting your A-Levels or you need additional subjects, you may be wondering if you really have to spend the usual two years studying for your qualifications or if it is possible for your to gain your A-Levels in one year instead. One A-Level subject takes the average student approximately 350 hours of studying time to complete. Sounds a lot right? But actually, when you stop and think about it, 350 hours over one or two years isn’t actually that much study time each day at all! So can you study A-Levels in one year? The simple answer is yes! And believe it or not, that… Read More

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Are Revision Timetables Effective

Are Revision Timetables Effective?

When it comes to revision and preparing for examinations, it’s vital that you use all the resources you have to hand. Approaching your notes and various other revision resources won’t be at all useful if you do so in an unorganised way, you need to be focused and know what you’re revising and when. Whether you are revising for a GCSE or A-Level exam, using a revision timetable really can be effective and help you to keep on the right tracks. Rather than finding yourself reading through the same information over and over, you can use a revision timetable to ensure you cover all of the course syllabus and not… Read More

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How can I Improve my CV

How can I Improve my CV?

Your CV is like a snapshot of you on paper, it’s meant to show your skills, abilities and experience to someone who hasn’t met you yet. So it’s vital that you keep it up to date and relevant to your professional side. If you’re in the process of reviewing your CV, you may be asking yourself ‘how can I improve my CV?’, which is a great question to ask yourself. Whether you are looking to go to university or apply for a new job, you need to make sure your CV is the best it can be. First things first, does your current CV hold all your latest qualifications and… Read More

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What is CPD in Health Care

What is CPD in Health Care?

What is CPD in Health Care? When working in Health Care, there is a requirement for you to keep your skills constantly updated with CPD. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and applies to many training programmes and courses. Although CPD doesn’t necessarily need to be related to your profession, when working in Health Care it’s always a good option to choose courses that do. Health Care is one of those ever changing fields where the methods and applications of care are constantly changing and so it’s vital to keep up to date with these. Continuing Professional Development allows for people to regularly familiarise themselves with new guidelines and advice… Read More

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