UCAS Clearing

How UCAS Clearing Works

Put simply, UCAS clearing is a way for students who don’t have an offer of a place or who didn’t get the grades they needed for a place to still go to Uni. Once all results are released, students will know whether or not their place at University is secured, if they don’t have sufficient UCAS points from their A-Level grades, then they will enter clearing. Universities use clearing as a way to fill places on Degree courses, so there is usually a wide range of both subjects and available universities for students to apply to. The UCAS clearing system is available from July until October, so there is plenty… Read More

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Bad A-Level Results

How to deal with bad A-Level Results

Now that exams are over, it’s only natural for thoughts to start turning to A Level results. When Results Day arrives, it can be a very stressful time for the students. Regardless of how much work and effort you put into your studies and sitting the examinations, there will always be that bit of worry that you haven’t achieved the results you want and need for getting your place at University. The first thing to remember if you do get bad A-Level results is that it’s definitely not the end of the world! There are still many options open to you and not all of them will mean going back… Read More

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Retaking Your A-Levels (Resits)

Retaking your A-Levels is often referred to as ‘resits’, this is when a student who took their A-Levels originally either didn’t get the results they wanted or didn’t achieve the grades they needed to get their university place. Resits can sometimes feel and seem like a daunting prospect to students. And this is totally understandable, you have spent the last 2 years studying and building up to getting your results, only to have to face the prospect of doing resits. But with online learning it doesn’t need to be as bad as you think. Do I have to take 2 Years to Resit my A-Levels? As doing resits is just… Read More

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Which A-Levels

Which A-Levels Should I Study?

You have made the decision you’re going to university, so the next step is deciding which A-Levels to study. Now you would have thought this would be a really straightforward thing to decide. But many students find this much harder than you think. The range of courses available is vast and then the options on how you study them is huge too. In this blog, we’re going to look at how to pick your subjects, the ways you can study A-Levels and the different combinations of subjects that work well for certain degrees. How to Pick Your A-Levels When picking which A-Levels to study, you have to be careful to… Read More

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A-Level Online

How A-Levels Online are Studied

So you might be wondering how A-Levels online are actually studied. For someone who has been out of education for a long time or is totally new to education, it’s a common question. With advances of the internet and technology, it has never been easier to study A-Levels online. Depending on who you opt to study with, your course materials will be delivered in a combination of ways. These can be through online classes, videos, quizzes or simply self study texts for you to read that follow the course syllabus. When it comes to A-Levels online, there is no one set best way of learning, it’s all down to the… Read More

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Cambridge International A-Levels

Cambridge International A-Levels

Cambridge International A Levels are an increasingly popular choice with students. Although reference to ‘International’ is made within the name of the Awarding Body, you can actually study and sit A-Levels with them in the United Kingdom as well as around the world. With over 50 subjects available, it’s safe to say that Cambridge International A-Levels are growing in popularity with both schools and students. The courses follow the same familiar structure as A-Levels from AQA and Pearson Edexcel, with the main differences occurring with subjects such as the sciences. The science courses, Biology, Chemistry or Physics do not have a practical element. Instead, additional written papers are taken by… Read More

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Retake my GCSEs

Should I Retake my GCSEs?

The question of retaking GCSEs is a question that always comes up around this time of year. As worries about grades grow with Results Day fast approaching, it’s natural for students to start wondering what they will do if their results aren’t what they need or want. Whether you should retake your GCSEs depends on a few contributing factors, the first and probably most important one being what you need your GCSEs for. For example, if you need to have a certain grade in a set subject in order to go on and study that subject at A-Level, but missed the mark, then you really will have to have a… Read More

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Start Studying A-Levels

Do I need to wait until September to Start A-Levels?

Many students who are looking to start A-Levels often get confused with when they can start studying them. Contrary to popular belief, if you would like to start studying an A-Level ,in any subject, you can actually start studying the course right away. With the introduction of online A Levels, there are no longer the previous restrictions of term times to hold students back. So if you want to start A-Levels in July or August you can! Why do A-Levels Usually Start in September? In previous years, when attending a traditional school or college, the academic year would always start in September, which is where the belief that starting A-Levels… Read More

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A-Level and GCSE Results Day

When is A-Level and GCSE Results Day 2022?

After nearly two years of disruption, normality has finally arrived for A Level and GCSE students. 2022 saw the return of examinations for both A Levels and GCSEs with students now expecting their results mid-August. Whether you’re a results waiting student or worried parent, you will be wondering exactly when is A-Level and GCSE Results Day in 2022. When is A Level Results Day in 2022? Results for A Levels in 2022 are released on 18th August. They will be available to students at the exam centre where they sat their examinations. It’s advisable for students to attend the centre to collect their results as soon as possible. For many… Read More

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Studied A-Levels Online

Will Universities know if I have Studied A-Levels Online?

A question we are often asked by potential students is ‘will universities know if I have studied A-Levels online?’. Even with the acceptance of online learning and the acknowledgement that the quality of learning and education achieved by students learning online, is just as good if not (in some cases) better than traditional school or college, people still worry that universities will not regard the qualifications in the same light. Does it Matter if I do A Levels Online? The simple answer to the question is no, universities will not know if you have studied A-Levels online, unless you decide to tell them as much. When you actually go to… Read More

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