A-Level and GCSE Results Day

When is A-Level and GCSE Results Day 2022?

After nearly two years of disruption, normality has finally arrived for A Level and GCSE students. 2022 saw the return of examinations for both A Levels and GCSEs with students now expecting their results mid-August. Whether you’re a results waiting student or worried parent, you will be wondering exactly when is A-Level and GCSE Results Day in 2022. When is A Level Results Day in 2022? Results for A Levels in 2022 are released on 18th August. They will be available to students at the exam centre where they sat their examinations. It’s advisable for students to attend the centre to collect their results as soon as possible. For many… Read More

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Studied A-Levels Online

Will Universities know if I have Studied A-Levels Online?

A question we are often asked by potential students is ‘will universities know if I have studied A-Levels online?’. Even with the acceptance of online learning and the acknowledgement that the quality of learning and education achieved by students learning online, is just as good if not (in some cases) better than traditional school or college, people still worry that universities will not regard the qualifications in the same light. Does it Matter if I do A Levels Online? The simple answer to the question is no, universities will not know if you have studied A-Levels online, unless you decide to tell them as much. When you actually go to… Read More

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A-Level Subject Combinations

5 Top A-Level Subject Combinations to Consider

A-Levels are arguably the best and most straight forward way of getting yourself onto a Degree course at University. Subjects are available in humanities, business, languages, mathematics, science and social sciences. So it’s not surprising that it can be difficult to know which A-Level subject combinations to consider. Typically, to gain entry onto a Degree, students are expected to hold 3 or 4 A-Levels. These A Levels need to be in subject combinations aligned with the Degree topic and set UCAS points. This combination of subjects usually amounts to 112 UCAS points or more, which is the average for Degree places. How to Pick Which A Level Subjects to Take… Read More

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bad GCSE results

Are Bad GCSE Grades the End of the World?

Bad GCSE grades can make you feel awful, but they are definitely not the end of the world or your educational journey. Even if you received bad results for all of your subjects, there are still plenty of options available to you and we’re going to take a closer look at these here. The key to getting through bad GCSE results is making a plan. You need to decide which of the grades you want to improve, is it just one or two of your results that are bad? Or is it all them? If it’s just one or two, do they really matter or effect you moving on to… Read More

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learning online

Is Learning Online Right for me?

When considering your options for the next step of your educational journey, you may find yourself wondering if learning online is right for you. Unlike years ago, when studying online was complicated and more suited to those who were IT savvy, modern day studying is far simpler for students. In fact, you can even study from your mobile on the way to work if you want! The key is finding the right course and course structure to suit your learning style and needs. The process of distance learning has been tried and tested for many years now and this has enabled online colleges and learning providers to find the best… Read More

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Online A Levels

Studying Online A Levels

There has been a recent increase in the number of students studying online A Levels. This is likely due to the flexibility and convenience that online learning provides. Studying online A Levels can be a great way to get ahead in your studies, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before you get started. First, make sure you choose a reputable and accredited provider. There are many online A Level providers out there, but not all of them provide a great service or learning experience. Do your research to find a provider that offers a high-quality curriculum and that is recognised by universities. Secondly, create a… Read More

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Resit my GCSEs

Can I Resit my GCSEs?

Can I Resit my GCSEs? Is a question students often ask us when they are not happy with their GCSE results. You hear a lot about A-Level resits, but not so much about the GCSE side of things. Just like A-Levels though, you can retake your GCSEs to get better results if you wish to. Often, students who are considering retaking their GCSEs, need higher grades to be accepted onto their chosen A-Level courses, but also mature students retake GCSEs to gain better employment opportunities. So regardless of when you took your GCSEs, there is always the option for you to resit them if you want or need. Online GCSEs… Read More

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GCSE Courses for Adults

GCSE Courses for Adults

Whatever your reasons for wanting to study GCSE courses as an adult, it is more than feasible for you to do this and get great grades. GCSE courses for adults are something that have been around for several years now. Although, the accessibility of them, is something that has only recently changed for the better. It’s no secret that school isn’t for everyone, and so if you were one of those students who just couldn’t get into the routine of school and settle down to achieve the GCSE grades you needed, there is still hope as an adult. With most jobs requiring applicants to hold grades in at least English… Read More

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do A Levels online

Can I do A levels Online?

‘Can I do A Levels online’ is a question we are frequently asked by students. The quick and simple answer is yes, you can and what’s more it’s straightforward and easy to sign up for them. Provided you do all the right research before you sign up to start studying, there is no reason why you can’t do A Levels online successfully. In this blog, we’re going to look at the ins and outs of doing A Levels. We will cover the who, what, when wheres in detail for you, so you can just worry about studying and getting great grades. How do I do A Levels Online? Now this… Read More

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Can A Levels be Retaken

Can A Levels be Retaken?

If your A-Level results weren’t the grades you were hoping for, you may be wondering ‘can A Levels be retaken?’. Thankfully, the answer to this is yes, they absolutely can. Whether you have recently received your results or you took your A Levels years ago, retaking them is an option you can look into. The availability of online A Level courses is actually vast and it’s very easy to sign up to study one. The key to doing it successfully is planning and preparation before you start. There are key things you need to identify, understand and make note of before beginning and if you do this, you will find… Read More

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