Free courses is not something online colleges usually promote. But Open College are different! Are you looking for a free course to study? Open college believe that education and self improvement should be available to all, regardless of your financial status or location.

As part of our service, we will be offering and providing free courses of quality for study. Not all the courses will come with accreditation, but that doesn’t mean they won’t offer value and worth to your learning journey. Where we can, we will make sure the courses do add to your CPD for your professional profile.

Our experts are doing all they can to find and write free courses for our students. As and when the free courses are available, we will be letting all our students and future students know through our social media pages, so if you haven’t already, like, follow and share our pages to keep up to date.

If you’re keen to start your learning journey right away, we have a range of online courses available to study now. From A-Levels to Diplomas, we can help you with your personal development.

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