I Didn’t Get the Grades I Wanted, Now What?

With quite possibly the strangest year you have ever experienced drawing to a close, if you sat your A-Levels or GCSEs in the autumn exam series this 2020, your mind is probably turning to results day and the grades you achieved. By now, you will have a good idea of how well or badly the exams went and a rough idea of the grades you think you have achieved. If you have that sinking feeling that things didn’t go to plan, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone! And you’re definitely not without hope. You have two options, you can either wait to get your results through and then decide what… Read More

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spread the cost

Can I Spread the Cost of Learning Online?

Although often cheaper than traditional study, learning online can still prove expensive. For example, it’s not unusual for a Level 5 Diploma to be a few thousand Pounds to study, so the option to spread the cost is a great way to help make your learning more affordable. When you think of spreading the cost of course fees, you can be forgiven for thinking that it might mean a credit check or lengthy financing agreements to read through and check. But actually, it’s really not that complicated. Provided the instalment plan you opt for is under six months in length and doesn’t charge any interest, the chances are that it’s… Read More

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Working in Childcare

Working in Childcare is a fantastic career option. Not only is it incredibly rewarding to see the children you care for progress from day to day, but no two days are ever the same. You get to use your creative talents and abilities to teach and show youngsters how to interact with others, learn social protocols and begin the foundations of their love of education. Unlike teaching in schools or colleges, you get to control the methods and styles of teaching you opt to use, from messy play through to cognitive learning, you have the opportunity to teach without your students even knowing you’re teaching. How do I Start a… Read More

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How can I find a Job?

When you’re looking for a job, it can feel quite daunting knowing where to start and more importantly, how to make sure your hunt for work is successful! So we’ve compiled some great hints and tips to help you along and help you find a job. Your CV First things first, your CV, when was the last time you looked at your CV with a critical eye? I’m guessing that it’s been a while right? If you can, print out a copy of your CV and read through it like a potential employer, are there any spelling mistakes or missing punctuation? Is your last job listed on there clearly, showing… Read More

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Do Universities really care about GCSEs?

As a student looking to go on to university, you may be starting to question whether universities really care about what GCSE grades you achieved and if they really matter. The simple answer to this question is yes! Think about the application process, when you actually apply to attend a university you only have predicted grades, not the actual A-Level results and so it can prove tricky for a university to get a realistic view of your abilities. This is where your GCSEs come in, due to the progressive nature of studying GCSEs and then A-Levels, universities will often look at the grades you achieved for your GCSEs alongside your… Read More

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A-Level Subjects

How to Pick your A-Level Subjects

OK, so you have done your GCSEs and now its time for you to move to the next step and start on your A-Levels, but what A-Level subjects should you choose? There is a vast number of combinations of subjects that you can choose from for various degrees, so it can be quite daunting picking just 3 or 4 courses! In this blog, we’re going to look at a few ways you can make your A-Level subject choices a bit more clear and straightforward, including if you don’t yet know what degree you actually want to study at university (which is actually more common than you might think). A-Level Subjects… Read More

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How to Become a Receptionist

If you’re just starting out with your career, or returning to work after having a break from employment, it really is worth considering becoming a Receptionist. The role can be very varied and is needed for many sectors and so there are always lots of job available for the role. Depending on what company you’re a receptionist for, your role can see you doing everything from greeting customers through to arranging company events and conferences, so it’s safe to say no two days would be the same within the role. What Qualifications do I need to be a Receptionist? There are no steadfast rules on the exact requirements needed to… Read More

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is one of those things that people used to try and ignore or not speak about, especially in the workplace and in schools. Previously deemed or viewed as a weakness in a person’s character, mental health awareness was non-existent. Thankfully, with the incredible work done by charities such as Mind and several celebrities around the world, people are now much more aware of Mental Health and the need to be able to help people when they are struggling with this. Whether you work in a filed that deals with people day in and day out or you are an employer with several employees, you need to ensure you… Read More

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Self Study

What does ‘Self Study Course’ mean?

If you have been looking at studying a course online, chances are you have come across the phrase ‘self study course’, but what does that mean exactly? The phrase is a bit misleading and confusing if you don’t work within education, as it implies you are left totally on your own to fend for yourself while trying to plough through endless course materials. A more accurate way to describe a self study course would be a course that fits around you. So if you’re the type of person who hated school and the restrictions of studying at set times each week, then a self study course is perfect for you,… Read More

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GCSE Grades

Do I have to have good GCSE Grades to study A-Levels?

If you’re a student who has recently sat their GCSEs, there’s a high chance you are worrying about whether you have to have good GCSE grades to continue your studies at a higher level. It’s safe to say you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last student to have these concerns and thankfully, you can be reassured in the knowledge that bad or lower than you expected GCSE grades isn’t the be all and end all of your educational journey. Although most traditional sixth forms and colleges require that you hold at least 6 GCSE qualifications at grade B or above to go on and study a particular… Read More

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