Health and Social Care Level 3

Health and Social Care Level 3

Health and Social Care Level 3 is a level of qualification that can prove to be very useful for people either just starting out in Healthcare or thinking about a career in Healthcare. Any qualification at this level provides the student with a solid foundation understand of Health and Social Care in the preparation for them to apply their knowledge in the workplace or study at a higher level. People frequently make the mistake of thinking holding a qualification at this level and in this topic would restrict them to only working within Health and Social Care, but that isn’t actually the case. The qualifications available, such at the CACHE… Read More

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A-Levels hard

Are A-Levels Hard?

A-Levels are one of those courses that people often believe are very hard to study and take a lot of commitment on the student’s part. This isn’t strictly true and the study of A-Levels can be very straight forward and rewarding for people. The qualification itself is Level 3, which means the syllabus is created and designed to give students a solid foundation understanding of the topic to then go on and study it at a higher level. Whether a student will find A-Levels hard depends on a number of factors. For example, if you’re a student with no previous experience of secondary education (such as GCSEs), then chances are,… Read More

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learning online

Is Learning Online Right for me?

When considering your options for the next step of your educational journey, you may find yourself wondering if learning online is right for you. Unlike years ago, when studying online was complicated and more suited to those who were IT savvy, modern day studying is far simpler for students. In fact, you can even study from your mobile on the way to work if you want! The key is finding the right course and course structure to suit your learning style and needs. The process of distance learning has been tried and tested for many years now and this has enabled online colleges and learning providers to find the best… Read More

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Online Courses Recognised

Are Online Courses Recognised?

When considering online courses, one of the first things you might want to know or check is whether online courses are recognised by either employers or universities. Online learning offers a wide range of courses for students, you can enrol and study anything from GCSEs and A-Levels through to Diplomas and Short Courses. But how do you know which of these online courses are recognised and useful to have? Let’s start with the more traditional qualifications of GCSEs and A-Levels, up until a few years ago, the only way to study these courses was through a traditional school or college. Opting to do the qualifications online just wasn’t an option,… Read More

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GCSEs at any Age

Can you take GCSEs at any age?

There are many reasons for why a student may be thinking of taking GCSEs, reasons range from they didn’t get the right grades, to they weren’t happy with their grades or they never had the opportunity to take them and now have a need for them. Whatever the reason is, the great news is that GCSEs can be taken at any age! So if you’re super talented and ahead of the learning curve at school and you want to achieve your qualifications sooner, then you can go ahead and study GCSEs. Or, if you’re a mature student who wants another go at taking the qualification, you can do that too.… Read More

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Course Fees

What do my Course Fees Cover?

Online learning will usually involve some form of course fees that you will need to pay in order to access course materials and begin your studies. With so many different courses, such as GCSEs, A-Levels, Diplomas and Short Courses, it can get tricky to know and understand exactly what is covered by your course fees. As a general rule, the price you pay for access to your chosen course will cover you being able to log into a learning platform to access course materials and also, in some cases, a personal tutor. From there you are able to start studying and work your way through the syllabus with the aims… Read More

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Online A-Levels Work

How do Online A-Levels Work?

Online A-Levels are becoming more and more popular with students all around the World. So it’s understandable for people to be asking how online A-Levels work and how a student studying them completes them. In this blog we’re going to look at the different types of A-Levels you can study online, how students go about studying them and how they complete the examinations. So first things first, what types of A-Levels are available to students to study online? Believe it or not, with the exception of a few subjects (such as Art or Drama), there is the option to study most A-Levels online through an online learning portal, including subjects… Read More

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GCSEs do Universities Prefer

Which GCSEs do Universities Prefer?

When applying for a place on a Degree course, you can be forgiven for not being one hundred percent sure which GCSEs universities prefer or if they even matter if you have A-Levels. The truth is they do matter and you do need to have some GCSEs to support your UCAS application. When looking at your application Universities will be looking to see that you at least hold the core GCSE subjects, so English, Maths and ( in some cases) the Sciences. This includes applications from mature students who have been out of education for some time. Why do Universities Except you to have GCSEs? Holding the GCSEs that Universities… Read More

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level 3 award

What is a Level 3 Award?

If you’re considering changing job or career, but you’re not sure where to start, then Level 3 Award courses are ideal for you. Level 3 Awards are courses that are designed to give students an insight into any given topic or sector and to equip them with the knowledge needed to then go on and study the subject at a higher level (such as Certificate or Diploma). Level 3 Awards are also a useful way for students to gain additional UCAS points in a hurry if they need them for progressing onto to Uni. Level 3 Awards are available from many different awarding bodies including Edexcel BTEC, ncfe, cache and… Read More

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Education for adults

Continuing Education for Adults Online

Continuing education for adults online is a great way for adults to improve their skillsets easily without having to take time off work. The nature of the courses available for study are often wide ranging and reaching, meaning that there is a course for everyone looking to improve their CV or change their career direction. Whether you want to retake your GCSEs or A-Levels or just add to your professional qualifications with a Diploma, there is a course out there ready and waiting for you. Thanks to the internet and developments with online learning, it’s now very simple for an adult who wishes to continue their learning to sign up… Read More

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