Fast Track A Levels

Fast Track A Levels are a great solution for students who are looking to complete their qualifications quickly. Whether new to A Levels or retaking them, opting to fast track your studies will be of great benefit. Usually, with standard A Levels, students take two years to study and complete the qualifications. However, with fast track A Levels, students can do them in one year or even less sometimes.

The actual differences between standard and Fast Track A Levels are very few. To the point where it really is just the amount of time you take to study them. The syllabus is exactly the same, the course requirements are the same and the suggested study time of 350 hours is the same. All you need to worry about is making sure you give yourself enough time to study the full course before examination.

Do Universities Accept them?

As Fast Track A Levels are exactly the same as standard A Levels, all universities will accept students who have fast tracked their studies. In many cases, universities prefer students who have shown academic ability with completing their courses in less time. Demonstrating that you can time manage and have a strong work ethic always goes down well with an Admissions Team.

How do you Study Fast Track A Levels?

With all A Levels, there are set times each year when students can sit the exams for the courses. Usually, this examination period is in May/June. So, if you want to fast track your studies, you simply need to make sure that you have the dates for the next examination period in mind, the course materials to study and an examination centre for the exams.

For the course materials, you can easily register to study with an online college (like Open College). Registration is fast and easy to complete and then you can get going with your studies. When it comes to the examinations, you register yourself as a Private Candidate in the January of the year you want to sit your exams. If you you have recently left school or college, make sure you check back with your Exams Officer about the possibility of you retaking your exams there.

In conclusion, even though A Levels are a traditional qualification, there are options for students to speed up the process of learning them and gaining the qualifications. Which can only be a good thing, as it means you can reach and achieve your learning goals faster if you prefer to do so.