Hours of Study

If you’re thinking of starting an A-Level, you may be wondering exactly how many hours of study are required for you to complete one. Awarding bodies suggest an average of 350 hours of study are required to competently cover an A-level syllabus. Now 350 hours does sound like a lot doesn’t it? But then when you remember that A-Level courses are actually meant to be studied over 2 years and that an average A-Level student studies three A-Levels, then it starts not to seem like that much of an ask.

Obviously, everyone is different and learns at different speeds, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the suggested number of hours of study as a guide to help you. Firstly, you can use it to work out if you have the spare time to study an A-Level (or more) and secondly, to work out how to pace your learning through the course.

Do I have to Study 350 hours to Achieve an A-Level?

The answer to this question depends on a few other things, there is no set law or requirement for a student to study a recorded 350 hours before sitting an A-Level examination, but if you only spent 50 hours studying the course, chances are your results won’t be great!

If you have previous experience of the subject you are studying the A-Level for, you will probably find a lot of the course syllabus is just a recap and revision of your knowledge, so the need for the full 350 hours of study isn’t necessary. The same applies to if you are a student who is re-taking their A-Levels, a lot of the information you will already have learned and so you’re just going over it again to understand it better.