112 UCAS Points in A Level Grades

112 UCAS points in A Level grades is a frequent requirement of universities for students wishing to study a Degree. Although not all universities use the tariff points system for offering places to students, many do. For students, it can prove difficult understanding what they need to achieve to gain 112 points for an offer. 112 points may sound like a lot, but actually, it’s not as bad as it seems and most students can achieve it with studying 3 A Levels.

All A Levels come with UCAS points, the maximum number for one being 56 and that would require an A* grade. The lowest amount of UCAS points you can get for an A Level is 16 (grade E). So with this in mind, you can now see how a combination of three A Level subjects would be sufficient to gain 112 UCAS points for attending uni.

As all subjects come with UCAS points, when it comes to choosing your topics, you have a certain amount of freedom. For example, if you wanted to study Engineering at university, you could study a combination of Physics, Mathematics and English. Or, if you weren’t keen on those subjects, Chemistry, Mathematics and History. However, with certain degrees (such as Medicine), there are set requirements for the subjects that you achieve the UCAS points with.

What Combinations of Grades can I use for 112 UCAS Points?

When it comes to achieving the points, you have the options of below:

  • 3 A-levels – Grades BBC, or A*CD.
  • 2 A-levels plus 2 AS – Grades BB+bb, or AB+cc.
  • 2 A-levels plus 1 AS plus Extended Project – Grades BB+b+C, or AB+a+D.