Online A-Levels Work

A-Levels are a UK school leavers qualification that students use for employment or Degree study. Usually, these courses are studied in person at a school or college and completed over 2 years. With the exciting developments of online learning, online A-Levels are now becoming more and more popular all around the World. So it’s understandable for people to be asking how online A-Levels work and how a student studying them completes them. In this blog we’re going to look at the different types of A-Levels you can study online. We will also look at how students go about studying them and how they complete the examinations.

It’s important to know, that if you opt to study A Levels online, then you will be classed as a Private Candidate while you study them. This term is applied regardless of whether you are studying independently (on your own with no tutor) or if you are studying with the help and support of an online college like Open College.

What Subjects can I Study Online?

So what types of A-Levels are available to students to study online? Believe it or not, with the exception of a few subjects (such as Art or Drama), there is the option to study most A Levels online through an online learning portal, including subjects that are sometimes classed as more tricky (the sciences). Even when subjects carry the requirements for practicals or coursework, you can still study them online.

Examples of A Levels available online include:

So as you can see, there really is a wide range available. The key to successfully studying A Levels online is making sure you do your research. If you know what to expect during your studies and what you need to complete, then there are no surprises waiting for you.

Who Studies Online A Levels?

Interestingly, there is no set student profile for this. Students who opt to study their A Levels online come from various backgrounds and are various ages. You often get some who are home educated and so online A Levels is the best option for them to progress their learning. But at the same time, many students who failed their A Levels or who wish to retake their A Levels also enrol. Another demographic that online A Levels are popular with are mature students. These are students who have been out of the education system for some time and who wish to gain qualifications without the restrictions of school or college.

How do Online A-Levels Work?

Online A-Levels work much in the same way as traditional ones. You will be studying the same syllabus and be sitting the same exams as a student at school or college. But, online A Levels are much more flexible in nature. Students have the option to fast track their studies, study when they want and study where they want. There is also the added benefit of being able to start your studies whenever you want.

When you start to study the course, you will be given a learning account on an online learning system. Online learning systems are simply a portal through which you access your course materials and tutors all in one place. These portals are online and you can access them whenever you want and need, provided you have internet access.

Working your way through your course materials, you will quickly notice the mix of learning styles that are delivered. The combination of learning methods ensure that your experience is kept fresh and interesting for you. Let’s be honest, if it was just a boring eBook you would lose interest quickly! When it comes to having your work assessed, your tutor will be ready and waiting. They are there to assess your work and correct it like an examiner would.

What about Examinations for Online A-Levels?

Just as you would have to with traditional A-Levels, there is a requirement for you to sit exams for online A-Levels. However, this isn’t as difficult as it might sound. The first thing you will need to do is find a local examination centre. This can be done through a quick Google search or by asking your learning provider for a list of centres. From there, you will need to register with them as a Private Candidate. This process is very easy to do, usually you just fill in a form and pay your fees.

Once all the hard work and examinations are completed, then it’s just a case of waiting for and collecting your results. Results for your A-Levels are collected from your chosen examination centre once they have been released by the awarding bodies.

So as you can see from the above, enrolling and studying online A-Levels really is simple to do. And can ensure you get the results you want and need for your next step in education. To get further advice, then it’s best to have a chat with an online college (like Open College). Speaking with industry experts will give you a much better idea of your next steps and how to get started.

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