Distance Learning A Levels

Distance Learning A Levels are an increasingly popular choice for students around the UK, studied online, they are an easy option to choose. Unlike in years gone by, distance learning is no longer a slow and clunky process of waiting for printed materials to arrive and then sending off assessments by post. Now, things are all done online, making the process of learning much simpler (and arguably), much easier for students.

Student reasons for opting to study any course by distance learning varies from student to student, with reasons including things such as health, work commitments and even location and availability of subjects they want to study. However, with that said, the reasons for opting for this version of learning no longer holds as much significance as previously. Now, rather than looking at the reasons behind a student opting for distance learning, employers and potential universities look at the grades achieved and the timeline along which they were achieved.

A student who has studied and completed distance learning A Levels from any of the well known awarding bodies (AQA, Edexcel, Cambridge or OCR), should have no worries or concerns about the thoughts of their potential University. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, being able to show and demonstrate your determination to complete your qualifications by any means necessary, shows universities your quality of character and your work ethic, two things that rank very highly with Admissions Teams for most universities. If you have completed your qualifications while also working or balancing family commitments, again, you are showing your ability and skills at time management and self discipline, which again are two very good characteristics to hold.

The actual process of learning A Levels by distance learning is a very smooth and simple experience. As briefly mentioned earlier, everything is done online, usually through an online learning portal. So, when you are ready to get some studying done, you simply log into your portal and get working through the course materials. Should you need help and support at any point, you will have a tutor there on hand to message for help and they will get back to you with all the help and support you need as soon as possible. So even though distance learning is self paced and the onus is on the student to keep up the pace of their learning, you will never feel like you’re on your own while studying.

If you feel ready to start your learning journey on distance learning A Levels, why not get in touch with our helpful team for more help and advice on the subjects you are looking to study today and let them answer and explain any other aspects of studying by distance learning that you might not understand.