Distance Learning A Levels

Distance Learning A Levels are an increasingly popular choice for students around the UK and the world. Studied entirely online, they are an easy option to choose for many students. Unlike in years gone by, distance learning is no longer a slow and clunky process of waiting for printed materials to arrive and then sending off assessments by post. Now the learning journey and experience is much simpler (and arguably), much easier for students to begin and complete.

Why Study by Distance Learning?

Online A Levels are a flexible and modern way to gain qualifications quickly. Rather than having to work to an academic calendar, students can enrol and start studying in a few minutes. They can decide where and when they want to study the course, and when and where they want to take their exams. So when you compare that to traditional A Levels, it’s easy to see why distance learning is a good choice for most.

Student reasons for opting to study any course by distance learning varies from student to student. With reasons including things such as health, work commitments and even location and availability of subjects they want to study. However, with that said, the reasons for opting for this version of learning no longer holds as much significance as previously. Now, rather than looking at the reasons behind a student opting for distance learning, employers and potential universities look at the grades achieved and the timeline along which they were achieved.

What Age do you Start A Levels?

If you’re in the traditional school system, then you will begin studying your A Levels right after your GCSEs. So from the age of 16, you will begin studying your chosen subjects. Due to the way the school term times work, the study of A Levels takes two years for a student to complete.

However, if you’re not in the school or college system, you can actually start your A Levels much sooner. There is no age limit (lower or upper) for taking A Levels. So if you are particularly talented in a subject, there is nothing to stop you from signing up to take the A Level online and get your qualification early.

Are Online A Levels Different to Traditional A Levels?

The simple answer is no. When studying online A Levels, you are learning the same syllabus as a student in school or college. In fact, you will even be sitting the same examinations as them, at the same time. The differences between the two styles of A Levels occurs with things like the length of time they take to complete, the options you can choose and where you study them.

A student who has studied and completed distance learning A Levels from any of the well known awarding bodies (AQA, Edexcel, Cambridge or OCR), should have no worries about the thoughts of their potential University. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, universities like their students to be driven. So being able to show and demonstrate your determination to complete your qualifications by any means necessary, shows universities your quality of character and your work ethic. Two things that rank very highly with Admissions Teams for most universities. If you have completed your qualifications while also working or balancing family commitments, again, you are showing your ability and skills at time management and self discipline, which again are great characteristics to hold.

What Subjects can you Study via Distance Learning?

The range of subjects you can study at A Level through distance learning is vast. With the exception of a few subjects (such as Art or Drama), students are able to complete most A Level subjects. A Levels that are available through distance learning include:

How do you Study Online A Levels?

The actual process of learning A Levels by distance learning is a very smooth and simple experience. As briefly mentioned earlier, everything is done online, usually through an online learning portal. So, when you are ready to get some studying done, you simply log into your portal and get working through the course materials. Should you need help and support at any point, you will have a tutor there on hand to message for help and they will get back to you with all the help and support you need as soon as possible. So even though distance learning is self paced and the onus is on the student to keep up the pace of their learning, you will never feel like you’re on your own while studying.

Can I do an A Level in One Year?

Yes, you absolutely can! Doing an A Level in this way is often referred to as fast tracking. So instead of taking two years to complete your course and sit your exams, you can do an A Level (or more) in just one year. Fast track A Levels are a great option for someone on a tight deadline. So if you need to retake your A Levels and don’t want to take two years, fast track A Levels are perfect for you.

The key to doing an A Level in one year is timing. You need to work out when you want to take your examinations and then ensure you are enrolled and studying your course with plenty of time before the exam period. We advise students not to give themselves less than six months of study time for an A Level, even if they are retaking.

When can you start A Levels Online?

As studying A Levels online is different to studying in a school or college, it’s actually possible for students to start their A Levels at any time of year. So, if you wanted to make a start on your A Level in October instead of September, you are free to do so! In fact, you could even start your A Levels in the middle of the summer if you wanted, you just have to remember the exam times are always the same for A Levels.

Can you Take A Level Exams Online?

The exam side of A Levels is the one bit you can’t do online. Due to Awarding Body requirements, students must attend a centre and sit their examinations in person. This can sound daunting to students, but it’s a really straight forward and simple process. Once you have a centre, they will let you know when you need to attend and when you can collect your results and certificates.

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