Can A Levels be Retaken

If your A-Level results weren’t quite what you were hoping for, you may be wondering ‘can A Levels be retaken?’ and the simple answer is yes, they absolutely can. The ability to retake your A Levels is actually very flexible and widely available. Whether you have just received your results or you took your A Levels years ago, retaking them is an option you can look into.

The first thing you need to consider is which of your A Levels you want to retake. Chances are, it’s not all three of your A Levels you need to do, but if it is, that’s OK too. Once you know the subjects you want to retake, you need to decide where and how you’re going to approach retaking them. The options you have available for retaking your A Levels are quite varied, for example:

  • You have the option of attending an evening class in your spare time to top up your knowledge and get yourself ready for examination.
  • You can self study the course again using your old notes and text books.
  • You can hire a tutor to help and support you through your learning of the subject.
  • You can enrol and study the entire course online through an online college like Open College.

As you’re the student who will be doing the studying, only you really know what method of revision and learning is going to work for you. So try and work out which you feel will best suit you. Remember too, if one way isn’t working for you, you always have the option of changing methods to see if that helps.

Are there any Restrictions on Retaking A Levels?

In short, no. It really doesn’t matter if you took your A Levels 10 years ago or just a few months ago. If you want to improve your grades on them, then you are free to do so. Keep in mind that retaking your A Levels will cost money in one way or another. Whether it’s the fees for your examinations or for the fees of your tutoring and learning, you will have to pay some money towards retaking your subjects.

Obviously, if you took your A Levels not long ago, then the bulk of the subject is going to be more fresh in your mind and so the work needed to improve your grade is going to be less. But again, if you’re prepared to work hard and put the effort in, then there is no reason why you can’t retake your A Levels and get better grades to help with your career progression.