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‘Can I do A Levels online’ is a question we are frequently asked by students. The quick and simple answer is yes, you can and what’s more it’s straightforward and easy to sign up for them. Provided you do all the right research before you sign up to start studying, there is no reason why you can’t do A Levels online successfully.

In this blog, we’re going to look at the ins and outs of doing A Levels. We will cover the who, what, when wheres in detail for you, so you can just worry about studying and getting great grades.

How do I do A Levels Online?

Now this might sound like a silly question, but it’s really not. Unless you have studied online before, chances are you don’t know where to start. So let’s go back to basics, we advise you start with a Google search. Look for a college that knows about A Levels and can answer all your questions about studying. For example, you may find a college offering incredibly cheap courses, but then later find the quality of the course itself is terrible. Or that the tutor for the course is not an Academic Expert, which is not something you want.

Once you have decided on an online college and you’re happy with the courses they offer. You will need to get yourself signed up to study with them. Thanks to everything online being more simple, it really is just like making an online purchase signing up to study A Levels online. So you add the courses you want to your basket, checkout and then your learning account will be set up for you.

Entry Requirements for A Levels Online

With online A Levels, there are no restrictions on places available on each course. So, usually the entry requirements for courses are open. Open means that you don’t need to hold a GCSE in the subject or in fact, any GCSEs at all. It is a good idea and advisable though to hold GCSEs in the subject you want to do at A Level if you can.

It is also advisable for students to have a good understanding of English and some experience of secondary education. The reason for this being that you will be in a better position for studying the course. A big part of secondary education is teaching you how to construct answers to assessment questions and exams. So if you don’t have that basic understanding, it can take you a little longer to get into the swing of things while studying.

What Subjects can I do A Levels in?

The A Level subjects really are almost exactly the same as in any school or traditional college. There are a few subjects that just can’t be studied online due to their requirements. For example, Art, Drama or Foreign Language courses just don’t lend themselves well to being studied online. But with that said, there is still plenty of choice including the below subjects:

Why do A Levels Online?

Opting to study your A Levels online is a great way to give yourself more freedom and independence when it comes to your learning. The way you study online A Levels is much more flexible than at a school or college. So if you have other commitments, you don’t have to worry about giving them up to be able to do A Levels. You can simply make your learning fit around your life.

Online learning also gives students a whole new sense of learning. Far less stuff and strict than in person classes, online learning allows for students to enjoy and explore various areas of the subject they most enjoy, while still guiding them through the syllabus ready for examination.

Do Universities know my A Levels were Online?

The quick answer to this is no. Online A Levels are exactly the same as traditional A Levels. Students study the same syllabus, the same materials and will sit the same examinations. Once completed, your A Level certificates will come directly from the same Awarding Bodies as all the rest. So, if you didn’t want to tell a University you had studied your A Levels online, that would be absolutely fine. But with that said, studying your A Levels online is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it shows how determined you are as a student.

When can I do A Levels Online?

Now this is when online A Levels come into their own. As they are studied online, there is no need or requirement for term times. So you can literally start your A Levels whenever the fancy takes you. The key thing to keep in mind is the amount of hours of study needed for one A Level (350 hours). Plus, when the next available examination period is (exams are held in the May/June of each year). So if you’re looking to study one A Level in a year, then you want to try and give yourself as much time as possible before the exam period to study and cover all of the course syllabus.

What about the Exams?

Examinations for A Levels are held yearly in May/June. This applies to everyone studying A Levels, regardless of if it’s online or in person at a school or college. At the start of each academic year (September), the awarding bodies publish the exam schedule for the exam centres to plan for.

Exam centres are a collection of schools, colleges and private centres where students attend to sit their written exams ready for submission to the awarding bodies. To attend and sit your exams at a centre, you will need to register as a Private Candidate with them before the end of February. It’s worth noting, the earlier you book in with a centre, the lower the fees for sitting the exams will be.

Once registered with the centre, then it’s just a case of showing up for the exams when they tell you to. So then you can turn your attention back to your studies and preparing for your exams.

Ready to Start Studying A Levels Online?