Can A Levels be done in 1 Year

Can A Levels be done in 1 Year? Absolutely yes. It will take you a lot of work and dedication, but it is possible to do it. First, let’s look closer at A Levels themselves and the work that they require and need. On average, one A Level subject will take a student approximately 350 hours of study time. That 350 hours is for covering all of the syllabus and the coursework required for the subject in order to be prepared for sitting the examinations.

When you put 350 hours into the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t many hours of study at all. Which is why most students will study 2 or 3 subjects at A Level when at school or college. One of the biggest reasons A Levels at school or college are covered over two years and not one, is term times. The average UK school year is 190 days, which is just over half a full year! So, if you weren’t studying your A Levels in a school or college, then you have double the study time. Obviously, you’re not going to be studying every day of the year, but you get a better idea of the amount of extra time you have.

Reasons for wanting to sit A Levels in 1 year vary from student to student. For example, sometimes students aren’t happy with their grades the first time round and they need to re-sit them. Or, they didn’t opt to do a certain subject and now want to do that subject. Some students need more UCAS points to help with their Uni applications. The reason behind wanting to do your A Levels in 1 year isn’t important, but the drive and dedication to doing them is!

How to Plan for Studying A Levels in 1 year

When aiming to study A Levels in 1 year, you’re going to need a good structured timetable. That way, you will always have a guide for when your exams are, what you need to cover by when and how many hours of study you need to cover each week. Breaking down your course this way will then give you a stress free way to get on with your studying, which is the important part!

Ideally, if you can, find out the next examination dates before you begin your studies. Doing this will mean you can better plan ahead, which again means stress free study. If the next examination period is in just over 1 year, you can still start your studies right away, it will just mean you get some extra revision time to fully prepare yourself for the exams.

Do your best to identify and understand your learning type. If you prefer self study and to just get on with things, then be sure you research which books to invest in. If you prefer to have feedback on your progress and work, then consider enrolling with an online college to study. Everyone’s learning style is different and can change, so remember to be flexible and ask for help if you need.