Easiest A Levels

Students looking at studying A Levels might be asking themselves ‘what are the easiest A Levels to take?’, which is a fair question to ask when you’re looking for high grades. The truth is, no A Level is ‘easy’. But there are some subjects that are simpler in nature and more likely to result in higher grades.

It’s important to remember that what one student finds easy, another might find incredibly difficult. So, when choosing your A Levels subjects, look at more than just whether it’s easy, look at if it fits your natural strengths and works for your next steps. For example, there is not much point in taking Art, if you’re looking at becoming an Engineer. For an Engineering Degree, you need subjects like Physics and Mathematics.

Another ranking factor in the easiest A Levels to take, is how you’re going to be studying them. If you’re a Private Candidate, then studying certain subjects like Drama or Art is not really practical as you won’t have the resources needed at home. But of course if you’re studying the subjects in a traditional school or college, then you will have the stage and studio to hand to do your work and coursework.

Keeping all of the above in mind, let’s look at the easiest A Levels to take in general, whether you are studying the course as a Private Candidate or as a standard student. Remember, these are in no particular order, but are a good guide for those who need some guidance.

Easiest A Levels to Take

Some of the easiest A Levels to take at the moment are, Sociology, Environmental Science, Classical Civilisation, Geography and Law. I’m sure many reading that list might be taken by surprise about some of the topics listed, but it’s true, those five A Level subjects are some of the easiest topics to study for students. Keep reading and we will explain just why they are easy to study and get high grades in.


A Level Sociology is a nice subject to study, although it comes with many facts you need to learn and remember, there is no lengthy work to the course. The syllabus has no requirement for you to carry out experiments in a lab or write length essays and the exams themselves hold a good chunk of mostly multiple choice answers, so not much writing needed, just a good revision technique.

Environmental Science

Of all the sciences A Levels, Environmental Science is one of the easiest. An interesting subject which allows students to look at really pressing issues, such as our relationship with the planet we live on. Flexible in nature and with a growing demand in the workplace, Environmental Science is a well-paid career with many opportunities available.

Classical Civilisation

When it comes to A Level Classical Civilisation, most of the course is about stories and the meanings within them. Which makes it very easy to understand and fully comprehend as you learn. Thankfully, there are no rigorous formulas or concepts that you have to master and get your head around.

While studying the course, you will get the opportunity to look at some really beautiful artwork, such as scenes of myths painted on vases or carved out of stone. There is no requirement for students to have to take onboard large amounts of facts and figures like with other subjects.


Boasting an impressive 98% pass rate year after year, Geography really is a subject that has it all. Flexible in nature and incorporating many other fields through the syllabus, you get to enjoy the great outdoors while studying most of the course. Although Geography requires some basic knowledge of Mathematics and graphs, these are pretty simple and not something to put off those who don’t enjoy Maths.


A Level Law is a very fact based course. There isn’t much writing needed and there are no extra elements such as practicals or coursework that you need to complete. So as long as you have a good memory and revision technique, you should be able to achieve a nice high grade on the subject. When it comes to the examinations themselves, you’ll get mostly multiple choice and short answer questions to complete.

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