Can I do GCSEs Online

Can I do GCSEs online is a question we are often asked by students. The quick answer to this question is yes, you can. Previously, it was always the case that GCSEs had to be done via school or evening classes for students, which would often put off a lot of candidates who didn’t fall into the traditional GCSE student bracket. Now though, with the advances in online learning, it’s entirely possible for any student to do GCSEs online.

Although you can’t do the examinations for GCSEs online, you can certainly do all the learning of the syllabus. Online learning is very different to buying books on the course subject and then hiring a tutor to help you. Once enrolled, you will receive access to interactive course materials, which have been specially developed. They allow for students to learn about their subject in many different ways, with the support of a tutor all the way through.

GCSEs online are no different to the subjects learnt in school. You have the same choice and range of topics and the end result is exactly the same. So, if you got a grade 9 on GCSE Mathematics online, a potential employer or University will accept that grade. In fact, your GCSE certificates will come from the same awarding bodies as well.

So in conclusion, the option to study GCSEs online is a very viable option. You get the flexibility to carry on with your normal life while studying, you can enjoy the freedom of selecting your ideal subjects and you can start studying for them at any time. What’s more, with a GCSE taking students only 120 hours to study, you can finish it in under a year!

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