Can I do GCSEs Online

Can I do GCSEs online is a question we are often asked by students. The quick answer to this question is yes, you can. Previously, it was always the case that GCSEs had to be done via school or evening classes for students, which would often put off a lot of candidates who didn’t fall into the traditional GCSE student bracket. Now though, with the advances in online learning, it’s entirely possible for any student to do GCSEs online.

Although you can’t do the examinations for GCSEs online, you can certainly do all the learning of the syllabus. Online learning is very different to buying books on the course subject and then hiring a tutor to help you. Once enrolled, you will receive access to interactive course materials, which have been specially developed. They allow for students to learn about their subject in many different ways, with the support of a tutor all the way through.

GCSEs online are no different to the subjects learnt in school. You have the same choice and range of topics and the end result is exactly the same. So, if you got a grade 9 on GCSE Mathematics online, a potential employer or University will accept that grade. In fact, your GCSE certificates will come from the same awarding bodies as well.

How GCSEs are Graded

In previous years, GCSEs were graded in the same way as A Levels. Using grades from A* through to E as a way of demonstrating how well a student has done on the course. In 2017 the decision was made to change the grading system to a numerical one. Now the grades run from 9 to 1, with 1 being the lowest grade a student can achieve.

Grades of 9, 8 and 7 are equivalent to A* – A grades. With a grade 9 demonstrating exceptional work by the student. If your GCSE certificates hold the old format of grading, they are still valid, but it would be wise to know your equivalent number grade just in case.

Online GCSEs for Adults

As an adult considering taking or retaking GCSEs, things can be a bit scary. I mean no one wants to be that adult sat in with a load of kids learning at the same level as them right? Well that’s where online GCSEs come into their own. You can access and study pretty much any GCSE that you could take at school.

Usually, the most needed courses for adults are the core subjects, so English, Maths and Science. These are the subjects that Universities ask for students to hold in order to be offered a place on a Degree course. You can read more about whether GCSEs are important for University in this article here.

Retaking GCSEs Online

Opting to retake your GCSEs online is a great way to get better grades. You can achieve your goals without having to put your entire life on hold while you study. The flexibility with studying online means that you can start your courses when you want and then fit them in around your day to day commitments.

Once you have made the decision to retake your GCSEs, then you just need to find the course. A quick and simple Google search for your subject name should provide you with a list of available online courses. From there, you just need to sign yourself up and get studying. It really is that easy.

To give you an idea of the courses you can retake online, see the list below of common GCSEs people retake:

As you can see, there really is no limits on the subjects you can opt to retake. Some students even decide to do additional subjects while retaking GCSEs to boost their qualification base.

Is Retaking GCSEs bad?

Retaking your GCSEs is not a bad thing. If you didn’t get the grades you wanted or needed, then the obvious thing to do is retake them. Thankfully, if you time it right, you don’t even have to take a full year to retake them. If you look at things from an employer’s point of view, seeing that a candidate has taken the time and effort to improve themselves goes a long way. The same applies to universities, if you can demonstrate self discipline and a strong work ethic, you’re going to be more appealing as an applicant.

GCSE Examinations

Although you can do all your studying for GCSEs online, you can’t do the exams online. For sitting your examinations, you will need to attend a local examination centre. To register with an examination centre, you need to apply as a Private Candidate. This process is very simple and easy to do. It’s basically filling in a form with your personal details and providing a copy of your ID for the centre to register you with the awarding body. From there, the exam centre will give you times and dates for when you need to attend the centre to sit the actual exams.

Exams for GCSEs are usually held in the May/June of each year. When it comes to your results for your GCSEs, these are collected from the exam centre on results day with all the other students who also sat their exams. Usually results are released in the following August. This then gives students enough time to submit their results to either university or college.

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