Are Diplomas Worth it

Once you have left school and started your career, you may find yourself needing to update your skillset or add to it, one easy way to do this is with a Diploma, but are Diplomas worth it?

A quick search on Google will demonstrate the overwhelming number of online colleges and training centres offering Diplomas in just about everything from Accounting through to Zoology, but does that mean they are valued or even recognised by potential employers or universities? The simple answer to this lies with who the Diplomas are certified, endorsed or awarded by.

All Diplomas are offered with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, so if you’re learning is to just demonstrate that you are continually working on your skillset and adding to your learning portfolio, then you are free to study and complete any of the Diplomas you like the look of. This includes Short Courses which tend to be much less intense than your usual Diplomas.

If you’re looking to use your Diploma to gain employment or entry onto a Degree course, you need to be a bit more selective with your choices. It’s vital that your course is an actual qualification, so that means a Diploma that only comes with CPD hours or that is only endorsed by an Awarding Body won’t be sufficient and won’t be a qualification that you can use. When looking for a course for employment or further education, look for ones that are awarded by bodies you have heard of, so Edexcel BTEC, CACHE Awards or OTHM, all of these awarding bodies would offer qualifications you can use.

If you are thinking of studying a Diploma and need more help and advice on which course would be the right one to achieve your goals, get in touch with our friendly team for some more help.