GCSE Mathematics

GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) may not seem like an important factor or aspect of your overall educational journey to most, but the truth is that without them, especially two of the core subjects (English and Mathematics), you aren’t going to get very far in life.

GCSE Mathematics is a vital qualification to hold. Even if you have gone on to study at a higher level in areas such as the arts or social sciences, the requirements for you to be accepted onto a degree course will more than always likely require that you hold GCSE Maths and English.

Employers looking for new employees will always check CVs to ensure that you hold a GCSE in Mathematics as a way to be reassured that you hold the basic numeracy skills that you may need in your day to day role in the job.

How can I gain a GCSE in Mathematics?

Whether you didn’t get a good grade in your GCSE Mathematics the first time, or you never took the subject, there is always still time for you to study the subject and gain that all important grade. Studying GCSE Mathematics as an adult can seem like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t need to be.

If you opt to study online, you won’t have to go back to school and sit in a classroom with a load of teenagers, you will be free to log onto your learning area and study as and when you want and have time. There will still be the tutor support there for you as and when you need, but you will be free to decide just how much support and help you want and need.

When it comes to the actual exams for the course, you will attend an examination centre (as a private candidate) and sit your exams just like all the other students on the course. The final certificate you gain will come directly from the awarding body and so potential universities or employers will be reassured that you hold a full GCSE just like other candidates.

When can I start Studying GCSE Mathematics?

Again, this is where online learning really comes into its own, if you enrol on an online GCSE in Mathematics, you can begin studying right away! Regardless of if it’s the middle of summer, two months until the next examination period or more than a year before you plan to sit your exams.

Unlike school days, online studying doesn’t have term times, so in theory there is no reason why you couldn’t start and achieve a GCSE in Mathematics in just a few months if you really wanted. Open College advises students who haven’t studied in a while to leave the beginning of their studies no later than 6 months before their planned examination period as that will give sufficient time for students to cover all the course materials comfortably. If students are attempting a resit/retake for their GCSE Mathematics, then they can cover the course materials in a matter of just a couple of months.

Ready to enrol and start Studying GCSE Mathematics?



This online GCSE in Mathematics is based on the Edexcel syllabus. You can study the course online from anywhere around the world and sit your examinations locally.

GCSE Mathematics is one of the most useful GCSEs to hold. Applicable to many subjects and topics, this course will cover the core mathematical subjects you need to know in preparation for the further study of Mathematics at A-Level or for the study of Physics.

When can I start the courses? Right away.

How do I study the courses? Online.

Is there a tutor? Yes.

How long are the courses? 1 or 2 years (you decide).

Where can I read full course info? Full course information.

Can I spread the cost of my fees? Yes, we offer simple payment options with no interest.

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Online GCSE Mathematics (1MA1) Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I study the course? Online. Where can I study from? UK or Internationally. How long is the course? 1 year. Are there entry requirements? No. What certificate do I get? Pearson Edexcel GCSE Mathematics (9-1). What can I do with the qualification? Study A-Levels, BTEC Level 3 Diplomas, International Baccalaureates (IB). What level is the course? Equivalent to Level 2 Diplomas, USA GED, Hong Kong HKCEE, Singapore O-Level, Indian CBSE. Are exams included? No, you have to book these separately. When can I enrol? At any time.

More Information

Your online GCSE Mathematics course will come with full tutor support for the length of your studies. You will have access through an online learning portal to all materials and information that you need to study and learn in preparation for your examinations. Examinations for GCSE Mathematics are held every year in the May/June examination period. If you need more help or advice regarding studying this course, contact one of our helpful team for more assistance.

GCSE Mathematics (1MA1) Syllabus

This course is divided into 6 units of study:
  1. Numbers
  2. Algebra
  3. Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  4. Geometry and measures
  5. Probability
  6. Statistics

Examination Information

  • The GCSE Mathematics (1MA1) qualification consists of 3 examination papers.
  • All three papers must be at the same tier of entry and must be completed in the same assessment series. Foundation Tier (grades 1 – 5) or Higher Tier (grades 4 – 9).
  • Paper 1 is a non-calculator assessment and a calculator is allowed for Paper 2 and Paper 3.
  • Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long.
  • Each paper has 80 marks.
  • The content outlined for each tier will be assessed across all three papers.
  • Each paper will cover all Assessment Objectives, in the percentages outlined for each tier.
  • The qualification will be graded and certificated on a nine-grade scale from 9 to 1 using the total mark across all three papers where 9 is the highest grade. Individual papers are not graded.