Worry free 14 day guarantee Open CollegeEdexcel A-Level Economics is an engaging and fascinating course that covers both micro and macro economics. A valuable subject to study, it gives you an understanding of how the financial world works. Understanding the economic environment is useful in almost any role or career and will be a lasting skill, setting you apart from the competition.

A-Level Economics can be used as a stepping stone onto a degree course in Accounting, Business or Economics at university.

When can I start the course? Right away.

How do I study the course? Online.

Is there a tutor? Yes.

How long is the course? 1 or 2 years (you decide).

Where can I read full course info? here.

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Online Edexcel A-Level Economics Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I study the course? Online.
Where can I study from? UK.
How long is the course? 1 or 2 years.
Are there entry requirements? No.
What certificate do I get?  Edexcel A-Level Economics
What can I do with the qualification? Study degree qualifications or higher level Diplomas.
What level is the course? Equivalent to Level 3 Diplomas, USA Advanced Placement Program, Matriculation Certificate.
Are exams included? No, you have to book these separately.
When can I enrol? At any time.

More Information

Your online Edexcel A-Level Economics course will come with full tutor support for the length of your studies. You will have access through an online learning portal to all materials and information that you need to study and learn in preparation for your examinations.

Although designed as a course to cover 2 years of study, you do have the option as a distance learning student to complete the course and sit the examinations in a year or less should you prefer.

Examinations for Edexcel A-Level Economics are held every year in the June examination period. If you need more help or advice regarding studying this course, contact one of our helpful team for more assistance.

Edexcel A-Level Economics Syllabus

This course will cover the following areas of study:

Theme 1: Introduction to markets and market failure
Module 1: Nature of economics
Module 2: How markets work
Module 3: Market failure
Module 4: Government intervention

Theme 2: The UK economy performance and policies
Module 1: Measures of economic performance
Module 2: Aggregate demand
Module 3: Aggregate supply
Module 4: National income
Module 5: Economic growth
Module 6: Macroeconomic objectives and policy

Theme 3: Business behaviour and the labour market
Module 1: Business growth
Module 2: Business objectives
Module 3: Revenues, costs and profits
Module 4: Market structures
Module 5: Labour market
Module 6: Government intervention

Theme 4: A Global perspective
Module 1: International economics
Module 2: Poverty and inequality
Module 3: Emerging and developing economies
Module 4: The financial sector
Module 5: Role of the state in the macro economy

Examination Information

  • Edexcel A-Level examinations can out in the UK or Internationally.
  • Examination period is in the June examination period.
  • Edexcel A-Level Economics course code: 9EC0 (Economics A).