Pros of Online Learning

When thinking about trying out online learning, you may be wondering what the pros and cons of distance learning might be. More and more students are turning to online learning as a preferred method for gaining qualifications, but why is it proving so popular? We’re going to look at the top 5 pros for online learning.

After checking in with as many of our students as we could, we compiled (in no particular order) the top 5 reasons our students gave as their reason for enrolling to study online.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Online

1. Flexibility of Courses

Unlike if you opt for an evening class at college, or attend school or college for courses, online learning comes with lots of flexibility. If you want to fit a bit of studying in while at work on your lunchbreak, then you can do just that! Or if you find yourself with a spare afternoon at the weekend, again, you can settle down and get some of your course covered.

2. Cost of Online Learning

Opting to study online can save you a lot of money! Not only do you save on the cost of commuting to and from college or University, but you also don’t have to buy as many books or supplies to get the learning done!

Where taking a degree could cost you upwards of £9,000, opting for an online Level 5 Diploma in the same subject with only cost you a few thousand Pounds and get you the same results!

3. Range of Courses Available

The great thing about online learning is the range of topics and subjects you can choose from when you decide to study online. Unlike with traditional schools, colleges and universities, online colleges don’t have a restriction on the number of courses they can offer to their students, so your options are pretty much endless! From Nail Technician courses through to BTEC Awards in Teaching, the world is your oyster.

4. Open Enrolment

When at traditional school or college, usually if you want to go on and study a course like A-Level Biology or Physics, they require you to hold at least a grade 5 (previously known as a C) in the same subject. So you would need to have a GCSE in Biology or Physics. However, when it comes to studying online, you are free to enrol onto any A-Level course that takes your fancy without the need for you to hold a specific grade in the same subject at GCSE.

5. No Term Times

As an online college, there is no requirement or need for terms. So unlike with traditional schools where you have to attend set terms and have a long summer break, with online learning you can spread your learning evenly through the year, which makes learning and studying so much easier and efficient.

No term times also mean you can enrol and start studying your dream course whenever the mood takes you, so there is nothing to stop you starting right away and achieving your qualifications sooner rather than later.

What Types of Courses Can you Study Online?

As mentioned earlier in this article, there is a wide range of courses students can study online. So we’re going to take a closer look at the levels and types of courses in this section.

Online Functional Skills

Functional Skills are a Level 2 qualification, so equivalent to GCSEs. But, unlike GCSEs, the course content is more vocational and applicable to day to day uses of English or Mathematics. So they are an ideal qualification for those without GCSEs. They can be studied entirely online and you can take the exams every month at a registered exam centre.

Online GCSEs

Online GCSEs are exactly the same as traditional GCSEs that you take in school or college. The only difference being, you study the course entirely online. When it comes to GCSEs online, you have the options of many different types of courses, including:

To complete an online GCSE, you will need to register as a Private Candidate at a local exam centre and sit your exams there.

Online A Levels

Again, just like online GCSEs, online A Levels are exactly the same as ones you get in school or college. You have a wide range of subjects you can study, including:

Online BTECs

BTECs are a great vocational option to study online. They are entirely coursework based and so students have the option to finish their course as quickly as suits them. This means if you need a qualification in a hurry, BTECs are the way to go! Well recognised worldwide, Pearson Edexcel BTECs really are a good choice of qualification.

Online Diplomas

Online Diplomas come in a range of topics and specialties. Again, as they are all coursework based, you can complete the course as quickly as you want. There are many awarding bodies that offer Diplomas, but you do need to be sure that the qualification you are completing is recognised for the field of work you want to use it for.