Study A-levels without GCSEs

Traditionally, in the British educational system, students are expected to study and successfully complete their GCSEs before then progressing on to studying A-Levels. However, that linear method of study progression doesn’t always work for everyone and sometimes leaves students returning to studying thinking they would have to complete their GCSEs before they can move on to A-Levels. This isn’t actually the case at all.

If you’re a student returning to study and you need A-Levels but don’t hold GCSEs or even a GCSE in the same subject, that doesn’t mean you can’t study the course. Thankfully, with the development of online learning and the wide availability of online A-Level courses, it’s now perfectly feasible for a student to progress onto studying A-Levels without GCSEs.

Is Studying A-Levels without GCSEs Possible?

Obviously, the traditional route of study exists for a reason, it’s meant as a tried and tested method for upping the level of difficulty of study for students in a smooth and expected way, that allows them to prepare for each step of study. But if you’re not a young student and you are either used to studying already or been working within a job for some time, then the need for the stepping process of learning is much less as you have more experience and knowledge to pull from.

Many students successfully complete their A-Level studies without holding GCSEs or the relevant GCSE in the subject and it is more than possible to do so. However, if you’re planning on using your A-Levels to go to University to study a Degree, it is always worth checking whether the course requires you hold GCSEs just to make sure.

How to Study A Levels without GCSEs

Starting your A Levels without GCSEs is actually super simple. You can opt to either find a local community college and sign up to study with them or you can go online. Online A Levels are becoming increasingly popular with students. Both younger and more mature students enjoy the flexibility of studying them. Not only that, but you can start online A Levels at any time of year, there is no waiting for terms to begin.

When it comes to online A Levels, you will be pleased to hear that they come with open enrolment. Basically, this means that you don’t need any previous experience or knowledge of the topic to enrol and start learning. That of course means, you don’t need GCSEs either. It’s important to mention here, even though online A Levels come with open enrolment, they are of the same standing as traditional A Levels.

When self-studying A Levels, you will be referred to as a Private Candidate. In essence, this means you are studying on your own and responsible for your own examinations. But if you’re with an online college, you get much more than that! With online A Levels, you get access to custom written materials that guide you through the syllabus. Each module ensuring you’re building on your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Along with this, you get a personal tutor, also known as an Academic Expert.

What A Levels are Available Online?

When it comes to options, you can study almost any A Level online. There are a few subjects where it’s simply not possible (Art or Drama), but on the whole, there is a lot out there. For example, A Levels you can study online include:

So as you can see from above, there really is a wide range for students to choose from. Even with subjects where you might think home study isn’t possible. For example, the sciences, these courses usually have a practical element to them, but even with that, they are doable.

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