A Level 2022 Dates

(Updated April 2022)

The A Level 2022 Dates have now been released by awarding bodies and it’s important for students to take note. After the disruption of the last two years, students can look forward to a more normal examination period. Most importantly, the Department of Education has announced planned changes to help students better prepare (you can read these here).

Students sitting their exams in 2022 will be relieved to know that marking of exams will be lenient. The decision was made to allow for this, due to the disruptions experienced in the lead up to examination. But with that said, the approaching exam season will still be stressful and worrying for students.

Depending on the Awarding Body you are doing A Levels with, you should be able to view the full exam timetable online. We have listed links to these below.

When are the Exams for 2022?

Dates are confirmed and the countdown to exams has begun. Students can expect their examination period to begin from May 16th until June 28th. During this period, students sitting exams with AQA, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel and OCR will all be attending centres for examination.

Your exam centre should have provided you with times and dates already. If not, you can view the individual timetables for each A Level (according to exam board) through the below links:

We would advise all students double check their exam times and dates and also confirm these with their exam centre to ensure there is no confusion or issues on the actual day.

A Level 2022 Results Day

So once all the hard work is done and you have sat your exams, you will be wondering when you get the results, right? Students can expect to receive their results on Thursday 18th August 2022. These results will be released and issued to the same centre where you sat your exams, so you will need to get in touch with them to collect your results.

What if I need to Resit my A Levels?

OK, so if your results are not what you wanted or expected, you can resit. And before you start dreading the thought of another two years of study, you can fast track your A Levels. Which means you can retake your A Level exams in 2023 and get better results, ready for you to go on to University.

When to Register for A Levels in 2023

If you missed the chance to sit your exams in 2022, or need to resit, don’t fear! Exam season for 2023 is just around the corner and you can register for sitting exams then as soon as January 2023. As a student at a school or college, you don’t need to worry, your Exams Officer will do the process of registering you. If you’re a Private Candidate (studying on your own or through a learning provider), we advise you register with an exam centre as early as possible, to ensure your place. The deadline for A Level examination registration is usually March of the year you want to sit your exams.

Students studying A Levels with extra components, such as coursework or practicals, are advised to try and register with an exam centre as soon as they start their course. This way, you have plenty of time to carry out and complete the additional components.

A Level courses that come with additional components include:

Ready to Start your A Levels for 2023?