Are gcses important

As an online college, we are frequently asked by our students whether GCSEs are important. The simple answer to this is yes, believe it or not. Although they may seem like just another formality of school and something to get out of the way, you would be surprised how many times you will find you really do need to hold GCSEs to get on in life.

What do you need GCSEs for?

For everything from employment to studying at higher levels, GCSEs are a requirement for most. For example, holding a GCSE in Maths and English will demonstrate to a potential employer that you are capable of carrying out basic arithmetic and of being able to use the English language without issue to communicate with others either vocally or in text.

When looking to go to university, more often than not, to be accepted onto a degree course there will be a requirement for you to hold not only A-Levels in the relevant topics, but also GCSEs in the core subjects.

Which Subjects do you need the most?

The GCSEs that are most important are often referred to as core subjects and these include Mathematics, English and the sciences. If you hold a qualification in each of these topics, then you will be free to do pretty much anything you want in your next step, whether it’s educational or career based.

When can you Study GCSEs?

Thankfully, with the developments of online learning, it’s possible for students to study GCSEs whenever they want to. The only restriction is on when the examinations for the subjects can be taken, which are restricted to the exam season which is usually around May/June time.