Can GCSEs be Retaken

Regardless of when you last did your GCSEs, just like A-Levels, it is possible for students (old and new) to retake their GCSEs in an attempt to receive better grades. Contrary to popular belief, there are no age limits either to when you can do this, although the methods of study will be slightly different to when you were at school.

As a mature student, the best way to retake GCSEs is as a Private Candidate studying with an online college. Online courses are flexible and allow for busy schedules whether they are work or family related, so you can fit your studies in around your other commitments.

It’s possible for Private Candidates to retake their GCSEs with all the awarding bodies (AQA, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel and OCR) and there is no requirement for you to retake your chosen GCSE with the same Awarding Body as previously.

When can GCSEs be Retaken?

The examination period for GCSEs is in the June of every year, so when considering retaking your GCSEs you do need to keep this period in mind. There is no point in enrolling to study a course that is a year in length, when you are planning on sitting your exams in two years time.

Although traditional GCSE courses take a year to complete, when studying online, it’s actually possible for students to complete the course in less than a year. Mature students or repeating students can often cover all of the course content in just a few months meaning they can enrol and begin studying for their examinations a lot later than school students.

Where can I do my GCSE Exams?

For the examination side of things, as a Private Candidate, you will be required to find and register with a local centre to sit your exams. You can get information on these centres from the Awarding Body directly.

Alternatively, if you have recently sat your GCSEs, then you will have the option of returning to your old school or college and sitting your examinations there with them. This process is very simple and usually comes with very minimal fees.

If you have more questions about GCSEs and your options to retake them, feel free to get in touch with Open College and their friendly team for more advice.