A-levels in One Year

Whether your are looking at re-sitting your A-Levels or you need additional subjects, you may be wondering if you really have to spend the usual two years studying for your qualifications or if it is possible for your to gain your A-Levels in one year instead.

One A-Level subject takes the average student approximately 350 hours of studying time to complete. Sounds a lot right? But actually, when you stop and think about it, 350 hours over one or two years isn’t actually that much study time each day at all!

So can you study A-Levels in one year? The simple answer is yes! And believe it or not, that would be possible for someone who hasn’t studied A-Levels before, not just for someone who is re-sitting a subject or who has previous experience of A-Levels. One of the main reasons A-Levels at a traditional school or college take two years to complete is the term times, due to there only being three terms a year, traditional study of A-Levels is quite restricted and so the extra year is needed to cover all of the course syllabus for students.

With online A-Levels, the time restriction goes out of the window and students are free to study when they want, meaning that the 350 hours of study time can be spread equally throughout the year making the whole process of learning much more relaxed and easy to complete.

Why Study A-Levels in One Year?

There are many benefits to fast tracking your studies, for example, if you sat your examinations and didn’t get the grades you wanted or needed for University, the last thing you want to have to do is spend another two years studying to get better grades. So the easy answer is to cover the course in one year and try again.

If you’re a mature student who needs an A-Level for an important promotion at work, again, the last thing you are going to want to do is spend two years studying to get the qualification, so the obvious answer is to fast track your studies and get yourself where you need to be.

When Should I Start Studying?

Contrary to popular belief, you can start studying towards an A-Level at any time! There is no requirement for you to wait and start in September. Most students start studying in September purely because that is when the school year starts, but if you’re an online student, again, term times don’t apply and so you’re free to begin studying as soon as you make the decision to gain your needed qualification.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when you do start studying is when you want to sit your examinations, for example, there is no point in you signing up to study for A-Levels a few months before the examination period, you need to plan ahead and ensure you leave yourself the time you need to cover the course materials and revise in preparation.