Universities Accept Online A-Levels

As an online college, this is a question that we frequently get asked about our A-Levels. Although studied in a different way and not in a school or college, online A-Levels are accepted by all universities around the world.

Online A-Levels are exactly the same as any A-Level you would study at school or college, you will study the same content and syllabus that the relevant Awarding Body has included within the course content. The main differences you will experience is the way in which the subjects can be studied. Instead of being tied to a strict timetable and term times, when studying online, you can be far more flexible and study as and when it suits you.

Contrary to popular belief, studying online A-Levels doesn’t mean going it alone, although you have the freedom to study when you want and where you want, you will still have the help and support of a personal tutor. That tutor is there to help and support you through your studies, just like a teacher would. They will be able to answer your questions, mark the work you submit and give you feedback on where you can improve your work. These same tutors will be able to help when it comes to you getting your predicted grades and references for UCAS.

When it comes to the examination side of your online A-Levels, you will still need to do these, but you will have the flexibility and option of choosing where you go to sit your exams. Once your exams are completed, your exam centre will receive your certificates directly from the relevant Awarding Body and these certificates are exactly the same as the ones that students sitting traditional A-Levels will receive, so unless you opt to tell your chosen University that you studied your A-Levels online, they will not know.

Why are Online A-Levels better than Traditional A-Levels?

Online A-Levels provide a wealth of opportunities and chances for students. Whether you’re a student who has recently left school and didn’t get the results you wanted, or if you are a mature student returning to study A-levels, online A-Levels are an excellent way to gain the qualifications you want and need.

Reasons to study online A-Levels:

  • Flexibility of study – You can enrol and start studying on any online A-Levels whenever it suits you.
  • Freedom of learning – If you want to just work through the course materials on your own with no help, you are free to do so. Or if you want help and advice on only certain areas, again you’re free to do so.
  • Range of subjects – Unlike at a traditional school or college, you have a wide range of A-level subjects available to you to choose from.
  • No entry requirements – Again, unlike school or college, you can enrol and study any A-level you want, regardless of if you have a GCSE in the subject.
  • Shorter study time – If you want to complete your qualification in less than 2 years, then you are free to do so, you just have to put the hours of study in.