Online Tutor

When studying online, it is usual for your course to come with an online tutor. These online tutors are very similar to a teacher in a traditional school or college. In many cases, your tutor will have either once been a teacher or still a teacher currently working and doing the online tutoring in their spare time.

Regardless of whether you are studying A-Levels or Diplomas, it’s vital that you use your tutor as much as possible. Not only are they there to help and guide you with your studies, but they can also help you with finding additional resources to help boost your knowledge and also suggest great revision and learning techniques to ensure you achieve the absolute best grade that you can.

As Academic Experts, online tutors work hard to ensure that they can offer and deliver a learning experience to their pupils in the best way possible, so even if you aren’t receiving your tutoring in a face to face capacity, you can be sure you are receiving the best tutoring and help possible from them.

Do I have to use my Online Tutor for the Entire Course?

Depending on your individual preference and the way you like to study, you may very well find that you only really need or want to contact your tutor at certain points during your studies. This is quite normal and perfectly acceptable when it comes to online learning and your tutor will not be offended by this in any way.

Every student is different and so online tutors tend to allow their students to decide exactly how much contact they wish to have with them through their studies. So even if a course comes with tutor support, you always have the option to either not use it at all, or only use it every now and then when you need.