Home Education and GCSEs

Home education (or home schooling) of children in the UK is growing in popularity. Not only does it offer a greater flexibility in learning for children, but it also allows parents to have more control over the way their children are introduced to various topics of education. Rather than children being stuck with set term times and being in the classroom all day every day, parents are able to switch up the learning process and allow for their children to experience what they are learning about. Which all sounds great for younger children, but what about for older kids who are about to embark on their GCSEs or even A-Levels, how does home education work for these age groups?

Actually, the learning of either GCSEs (or A-Levels) lends itself well to home educating children, the key to its success is good planning and support, it’s vital that parents have a clear and focused understanding of the course syllabus and expected learning outcomes so that when their child goes to sit the examinations they are equipped and able to competently answers the exam questions. Now this can sound daunting and worrying for parents, but thankfully there is help available in the form of online GCSEs for students to self study.

By using an online course, parents will have access to all the course materials needed to learn and study the full syllabus along with having the help and support of an Academic Expert. This gives the opportunity of being able to provide the student with an active learning environment within the home that they are used to, while still following the traditional syllabus needed to achieve high grades.

Some of the main benefits of using an online course in combination with home education for GCSEs are as follows:

  • Flexibility – you are able to decide as and when each subject is studied by the student.
  • Clear syllabus guidelines – the easy to follow course materials allow for self study without the need for constant guidance from an Academic Expert.
  • Tutor support – It’s safe to say we all need a little help and support from time to time and so you have the added benefit of a tutor there to check in with and make sure your child is progressing along the right lines.
  • Ability to get predicted grades or suggested grades – With the benefit of having a tutor there, your child will be able to get predicted grades without issue and, in light of recent events, in the event of cancelled exams, still get a grade.

If you would like more help and advice on using online GCSEs along with home educating your child, feel free to get in touch with one of our helpful team for a chat.