A-Level and GCSE Results Day

After lots of hard work, revision and exams for A Level and GCSE students, results day for is fast approaching for both A Levels and GCSEs with students now expecting their results mid-August. Whether you’re a results waiting student or worried parent, you will be wondering exactly when is A-Level and GCSE Results Day in 2023.

When is A Level Results Day in 2023?

Results for A Levels in 2022 are released on 17th August. They will be available to students at the exam centre where they sat their examinations. It’s advisable for students to attend the centre to collect their results as soon as possible.

For many students this will be an amazing day where the next steps of their future are all laid out before them. For others though, there will be some disappointment if they don’t achieve the grades they were hoping for. Later on in this blog, we will look at ways to deal with the disappointment and get motivated to try again.

When is GCSE Results Day in 2023?

GCSE results in 2023 are released on the 45th August. Again, these results will be made available to students at the exam centre where they sat their exams. It’s advisable for students to contact their exam centre to check the times they can attend to collect their results.

Most GCSE students waiting to receive results, are experiencing their first official examination and that can be scary. For those that get the results they want and need, the next step is off to A Levels. For those that don’t, then a bit of time out is needed to decide on the next steps.

5 Best Ways to Deal with Disappointment and Not Get Discouraged

It is important to understand that the disappointment of not getting the results you wanted is a natural part of your journey. And you are definitely not alone. There will be many other students needing to resit their A Levels or GCSEs.

The first step to overcoming this feeling is to identify what it was that you were hoping for. It could be a certain grade on one subject, a specific goal, or just passing all your subjects. Next, think about what it was in the exams that went wrong and might have caused the outcome. Was there an event? A lack of preparation? No revision? If you can identify what caused the bad result, then it will be easier to find ways to get past it and move on.

Not Happy with your Results?

If you’re a student who isn’t happy with their grades and who is looking to sit your examinations again, then you do have the option of enrolling with an online college (like Open College). By enrolling with an online college, you don’t have to worry about returning to your previous school or college to try again. You can have the freedom and flexibility to focus on the areas of the course you struggled with most.

Best of all, you don’t even have to wait for Results Day to arrive! If you’re sure you’re going to need re-sit your exams (we all know when we have messed up and need to fix things), then you can enrol right away and begin studying right away to get the grades you need to progress your learning.

Want to Re-Sit your A-Levels?

Want to Re-Sit your GCSEs?