GCSE Results

Right now, there are lots of students receiving their GCSE results, for some the results will be either what they wanted or better (Yay! Congratulations!). But for many, the results aren’t quite what they had hoped for, that doesn’t mean you need to despair or panic though, it just means you need to get proactive and start working out what you need to do.

This year (in particular) has been really hard on students, who could have predicted the entire world shutting down because of a virus (COVID-19)?! Let alone that your mock results and coursework efforts were going to be the final say in the GCSE results you received! So yeah, it’s not surprising if your results aren’t quite what you thought you would be getting, but there’s no need for that to stop you.

What should you do now?

Well first, take the emotions out of it! Sounds harsh I know, but you have to get practical here and balling your eyes out every time you look at the grades is not going to help anyone. You need to become analytical, are the results really as bad as you first thought? Does this really mean you can’t go on and study A-Levels? Maybe you just need to change the A-Level subjects you were thinking of taking.

The great thing about GCSE results is that they mostly only effect which A-Levels schools or colleges will let you study, rather than what your future career is going to pan out to be! Even if your school or college wanted you to get a B to study Chemistry, and you got a C, then OK, your current place won’t let you carry on studying Chemistry at A-Level, but an online college like Open College would!

The great thing about studying with an online college like Open College is that they offer open enrollment, so as long as you have experience of studying GCSEs and studying secondary education, they can help and assist you with enrolling onto an A-Level course and continuing your learning journey without a glitch!

Enrollment is fast and easy and best of all, you don’t have to leave your current school or college to study with them. You can study your additional A-Level online in your spare time or free periods to get the syllabus covered and be ready to sit your examinations when the time comes.