Bad Exam Results

Bad exam results can really feel like the worst thing in the world when you first get them. For many who experience this, it feels like your entire world and plans have been thrown out the window. But things really aren’t as bad as they might seem.

Depending on how you felt your examinations went, the arrival of your results will either come as a massive shock or just confirmation that you really did bomb in the exams and you need to have a rethink of everything.

Once over the shock of the bad exam results, you need to sit down and start looking at things practically. Try your best to work out why your results were bad, did you not prepare yourself properly? Were you distracted by personal goings on? Or maybe (like everyone going through completing GCSEs or A-Levels in 2020) living through an unprecedented worldwide pandemic? Whatever the reason, until you have identified what caused the results, you won’t be able to productively address it and get yourself back on the right track.

So, now you know why you performed badly in your exams, you need to decide on your next steps. Believe it or not, you do still have many options open to you. If you don’t want to repeat the year or do your exams again, maybe it’s time to look at joining an apprenticeship scheme and finding your way into the professional world. If you want to redo your exams, but not return to school or college, then it’s time to start looking at studying online with a distance learning college like Open College.

Why resit your GCSEs or A-Levels with an online college? Well, for one, you have more freedom! If you’ve spent the last one or 2 years pended up in a classroom doing your best to get it all sink in and it just didn’t stick, it may very well be a case that traditional learning isn’t for you. Imagine, being able to log in and study your chosen courses, revise your materials and chat with your tutor as and when it suited you, rather than as and when the academic year tells you!

Online learning is becoming more and more the norm now with education, it’s easy, convenient and makes learning accessible to all regardless of location, income and other commitments. Even if you received bad exam results years ago, it’s never too late to enrol and start studying again with an online college.