Resit my GCSEs

Can I Resit my GCSEs? Is a question students often ask us when they are not happy with their GCSE results. You hear a lot about A-Level resits, but not so much about the GCSE side of things. Just like A-Levels though, you can retake your GCSEs to get better results if you wish to. Often, students who are considering retaking their GCSEs, need higher grades to be accepted onto their chosen A-Level courses, but also mature students retake GCSEs to gain better employment opportunities. So regardless of when you took your GCSEs, there is always the option for you to resit them if you want or need.

Online GCSEs or Traditional GCSEs?

When considering resitting your GCSEs, it’s important to decide how you’re going to do them. For some students, the thought of going back to school or college puts them off the idea of resits. And for other students, the need for a classroom setting is vital when it comes to resitting GCSEs.

The key is to know how you best learn and how much time you have spare to learn. For example, there is no point in signing up for GCSEs at school or college if you have a full time job, as you won’t be able to attend classes. So in that instance, online GCSEs are definitely the better option.

When it comes to the final qualification you receive after your exams, it really is irrelevant whether you did your GCSEs online or in a traditional school or college. The certificates you receive come from the same awarding bodies and look exactly the same.

Are there Restrictions on which GCSEs you can Resit?

The simple answer is no. You can resit any GCSEs you wish to, it’s just a case of finding a place where you can resit them. Examples of GCSEs you can resit include:

How do I Resit my GCSEs?

When it comes to retaking your chosen courses, you will need to decide how you’re going to study the subjects. If you would rather attend a school or college, you will most likely have to attend evening classes, as most schools and colleges have an age limit on their students.

Alternatively, if you need a more flexible way of studying GCSEs, then you should consider online learning. With online GCSEs, the course materials are adapted to allow for students to study either totally independently as and when they wish or along with a tutor. Which means if you have other commitments such as work or other study, you can fit your learning around that and still get the grades you need. Another great advantage to online GCSEs is that you don’t have term times to worry about, you can literally start studying as soon as you want and just focus on building your knowledge ready for examination.

How do I sit the Exams for GCSEs?

For the examinations, you will be expected to sit your exams at the same time as all other students taking the same GCSEs, that’s whether you are taking evening classes or learning online. So you will need to register at a local examination centre as a Private Candidate and then attend the centre to sit your exams. The process of registering as a Private Candidate is very straightforward and simple, you just need to provide the centre with your course code and identification and from there, they will be able to enter you for the exams with the awarding bodies.

Ready to Retake your GCSEs?