Studied A-Levels Online

A question we are often asked by potential students is ‘will universities know if I have studied A-Levels online?’. Even with the acceptance of online learning and the acknowledgement that the quality of learning and education achieved by students learning online, is just as good if not (in some cases) better than traditional school or college, people still worry that universities will not regard the qualifications in the same light.

Does it Matter if I do A Levels Online?

The simple answer to the question is no, universities will not know if you have studied A-Levels online, unless you decide to tell them as much. When you actually go to sit your examinations and achieve the qualification, your certificate and grade will come directly from your Awarding Body. So just like with school or college, on results day, your results will come directly from either AQA, Pearson Edexcel, Cambridge or OCR. The sample applies to your certificates, they too will come directly from the Awarding Body.

What Types of Subjects can you do Online?

The range of A Level subjects you can opt to study as a Private Candidate is vast! They include subjects such as:

The above isn’t a full list of the subjects available, but gives you a good idea of what is possible.

What about my UCAS Application?

When it comes to your UCAS application, you register on the website as an individual. This term applies to students who have taken a year out to travel, or mature students who couldn’t go to University at the first opportunity and also independent learners who have made the decision to go to University.

Again, there is no requirement for you to state which school or college you’re attending to complete your A-Levels when submitting your application. Your personal tutor who is helping you with the study of your course will be able to provide you with an Academic Reference to submit along with your predicted grades.

It’s important to remember that when reviewing applications for degree places, universities give a lot of credit to students who have demonstrated determination and application of ability. So, in many aspects you would be putting yourself in a better light by explaining to your ideal University why you made the decision to study the A-Levels online under your own steam.

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