Start Studying A-Levels

Many students who are looking to start A-Levels often get confused with when they can start studying them. Contrary to popular belief, if you would like to start studying an A-Level ,in any subject, you can actually start studying the course right away. With the introduction of online A Levels, there are no longer the previous restrictions of term times to hold students back. So if you want to start A-Levels in July or August you can!

Why do A-Levels Usually Start in September?

In previous years, when attending a traditional school or college, the academic year would always start in September, which is where the belief that starting A-Levels has to be then. Actually the reason for the academic year starting in September goes back hundreds of years to 1880, when attending school was made compulsory. It was decided then, that starting the year in September and having it cover the winter months, would mean that children would be more likely to attend, rather than working and helping their families in both rural and urban areas. The long summer break was then there to allow for the children to do the jobs such as fruit picking and shepherding to help the family.

How do I Start A-Levels now?

Now you know there is no reason for you to wait until September to start your studies, you are free to pick the subjects that most interest you and then enrol to study them. Most online colleges offer ‘open enrolment’ on their courses, this means that you can start studying at any time, you don’t need to hold GCSEs in the same subjects and you can study as and when it suits you and your schedule.

The only thing you need to keep in mind when starting your A-levels is when you want to sit your examinations. Again, with online colleges, this is very flexible and you are free to either take one year or two years to cover your course syllabus in preparation for your exams.

What Subjects Can you Study Online?

The range of online A-Levels is huge! You can study subjects from AQA, Cambridge International, Pearson Edexcel and OCR. Best of all, if you opt for online A-Levels you get the flexibility of studying where you want, when you want.

Examples of online A-Levels you can enrol and start studying right away on include:

The great thing about online A Levels is that you don’t even need GCSEs in the subject to enrol and start.

Ready to Start Your A Levels Now?