Really need A-Levels

In this modern world do you really need A-Levels still? There is no end to famous celebrities tweeting and bragging about how they are millionaires even though they failed their GCSEs or A-Levels back at school, but does that mean that the qualifications are null and void and of no use? The simple answer is no. A-Levels are more vital than ever for students and still hold a key role in education progression.

Whether you didn’t get A Levels the first time round, or you’re a student who feels they have failed their A Levels recently. Then the options to resit your A Levels are still available and an option to put things right.

Why are A Levels Needed?

Students often fall into the trap of thinking A-Levels are only needed if you are looking to go on to university to study a Degree, but actually, many professions that don’t require a Degree do require students to hold at least one A-Level or Level 3 qualification. For example, if you wanted to join the Police or the Army Officer Training, you would need A-Levels or Level 3 Diplomas.

The great thing about A-Levels is they show you have reached a certain benchmark in your education and that you have a solid foundation understanding in the topics you have grades in. This means that either employers or universities can tell at a glance your academic ability and even years after you have completed the qualifications, you can use your grades to open doors into new jobs or even to help you with finally going to University.

Do you have to Study A Levels in School or College?

Absolutely not! With the developments in online learning. It’s now possible for students to study A Levels outside of traditional school or college. So rather than being stuck with strict term times and having to attend classes, you can take your learning online. Online A Levels provide students with fun and flexible courses they can study when they want, from where they want.

A Lot of students worry that online A Levels are different to traditional ones. And this isn’t the case at all. A Levels are A Levels whether they are studied online or in person. All students sit the same examinations to achieve their grades and UCAs points.

What A Levels can you Study Online?

The range of A Levels available online for study is wide ranging. Some examples of available courses include:

Ready to Start Studying A Levels?