A-Levels for Adults

When you think of A-Levels and studying them, you can be forgiven for automatically thinking of them as being for teenagers in school or college. But there is a growing trend of adults who are returning to studying A-Levels in an attempt to improve their career prospects.

With the growth of online learning and the ability for people to self study subjects as and when they want to, A-Levels for adults is now a thing and a great way to get you on the path to university that you always dreamed of.

How are A-Levels for Adults Different to School or College A-Levels?

The biggest and most significant difference is the freedom of studying, unlike in school or college, when you study, you are free to learn your course syllabus as and when you want to. There is no teacher or tutor chasing you to do your work, the onus is on you to keep to your deadlines and ensure you have handed in your assessments at the right points. So, if you wanted, you could work through the entire course and syllabus without doing any assessments and just focus on sitting the examinations. Although, we wouldn’t advise that!

With A-Levels for adults, you also have the option of choosing the awarding body you sit your A-Levels with. So instead of being told you’re studying Biology with AQA, you can choose between AQA or CIE. Why does that matter? Well each awarding body has a slightly different focus within each syllabus, so where some are more focused on practicals or coursework, other courses may focus more on the examination side of things.

Is there help when I need it during my Studies?

Absolutely! This is the great thing with A-Levels for adults, you are in control. So if you feel you need help or feedback, there is always an Academic Expert on hand to help and assist. If you are struggling to understand a theory or practice, you can ask for help and they will find a way to help you better understand.

Should you decide to complete the self assessment tasks and want to hand them in for a grade and feedback, you can do just that! And what’s more, the feedback you will get will include hints and tips on how to better improve your answers for when it comes to your examinations.

When can I study A-Levels for Adults?

With the flexibility that comes with online A-Levels, you are free to begin studying whenever it suits you. Open College always advise students to start studying as soon as possible, to allow the maximum study time before you wish to sit your examinations. So, once you know when you want to sit your exams, then you can go ahead and enrol and begin studying right away.