A-Levels Online

Is studying A-levels online possible?

Usually, when you think of studying A-Levels, you don’t think of studying A-Levels online. Traditionally, A-Levels are studied at a school or college in the UK by students. With the advances and changes in online study and education though, it’s now possible for students to study A-Levels from anywhere in the world.

A-Levels are a UK qualification that are used worldwide by universities as a gauge for student performance. Ranked by both grades and the UCAS points they come with, they provide universities a quick and simple way to ensure that students joining their degree programmes hold the needed ability to successfully complete the course.

Open College offer a wide range of online A-Levels available for study internationally. Regardless of where you are, you can enrol and study your online A-Levels with ease. You can select and combine the subjects you feel will give you the best chance of getting that all important offer for a university place. We have courses from Biology through to Further Mathematics and more.