GCSEs from Home

When you think of studying GCSEs it’s no surprise you think you have to study them at school. But we’re looking at doing GCSEs from home and how it’s perfectly possible for you to study them without the restraints of traditional school or college.

GCSEs are one of those qualifications that are often overlooked or neglected. People think that it’s all about A-Levels and degrees, but actually, GCSEs can prove to be very useful and a vital qualification to hold, especially if you’re looking to study Medicine or become a Teacher.

What subjects are available?

Subjects in GCSEs are wide ranging, even if you’re studying them online. You have the options of Accounting through to Religious Studies to choose from. Usually though, when it comes to studying at higher levels or for work and employment, the main ones you need to focus on are English, Mathematics and Science.

Most students taking GCSEs will take upwards of five GCSEs to enable them to progress onto A-Levels and then university, the combination of subjects tends to be the core subjects as above and then subjects which suit the students interests or career goals.

How do I study GCSEs from Home?

Once you have decided which GCSE subjects you would like to study, next comes deciding how you want to study them. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to study GCSEs successfully from home, you can do this easily by enrolling onto online GCSE courses.

Online GCSE courses usually come with all the materials you need to learn and study along with an academic expert to help and tutor you through your studies. With the course being online, you are free to log in and study as and when it suits you and your commitments.

The beauty of online GCSE courses is that you can enrol onto them and start studying them whenever it suits you. So you can decide whether you want to study your GCSEs in less than a year or give yourself more than a year to really get to grips with the course materials before taking the exams.

What about the Exams?

When it comes to the exam side of things, these are held in either June, November or January of each year, depending on the awarding body your GCSE course is with. As a student studying GCSEs from home, it’s always a good idea to check when the examination period is, so you have a good and clear idea of what to work towards.

Once you have decided you are ready for your examinations, you are going to need to find an examination centre where you can register as a Private Candidate to sit the examinations. To do this, Open College advise you find and register yourself as soon as possible, this way you have a set deadline to work towards and you don’t need to worry about finding a centre with a space last minute.

Ready to start Studying GCSEs from Home?