Enrol for A-Levels

If you’re a thinking of studying A-Levels, you might be wondering ‘when can I enrol for A-Levels?’, studying as a private candidate or mature student means you have a lot more flexibility to your studies. This includes when you start studying, how you study and where you study.

When it comes to online A-Levels, there really is a lot of flexibility on when you can enrol for A-Levels. Due to not having term times, students are free to decide exactly when they want to start studying. The only thing you really need to keep in mind is when the examination period is and how much time you have spare to study.

Why do I need to Consider the Examination Period?

There are two main reasons you need to consider the examination period. If you’re looking to complete your A-Levels quickly, then you can do this, but if you enrol onto your chosen course(s) a month before the examination period, the chances of you finding a reasonably priced examination centre where you can sit your exams is very unlikely.

Also, if your chosen A-levels have factors such as practicals or coursework, then you’re going to need to complete those before you sit your written examinations. So be careful to check the calendar and make sure you have enough time to complete all the course syllabus, any additional practicals or coursework and revise ready to sit your examinations.

So make sure you check how long you have before the examination period before you enrol onto your A-Level course(s).

Why do I need to Consider how much Time I have to Study?

Now this might sound like an odd thing to mention, but it’s not unusual for people not to take into consideration how many hours an A-Level actually takes to study. One A-Level takes the average student 350 hours to complete fully, that 350 hours is for the study alone and doesn’t include the written examinations.

So if you’re studying 3 A-Level courses, then that is 1050 hours of study, which sounds like an insane amount of study, but then you have to remember that this can be divided over several months of study, which suddenly takes a large number and makes it much more manageable. In fact, you could easily study 3 A-Levels in one year by studying for just 4 hours a week.

Ready to Enrol for A-Levels?