Diplomas get me UCAS Points

People study Diplomas for many different reasons, whether it’s because you need a more vocational qualification or you’re not good with examinations and want to use Diplomas to get you into university, it’s important to know what the final outcome of your studying will be.

Different types of Diplomas give different results, even though they are all called Diplomas. With some courses, for example endorsed courses, the end result of you successfully completing your course would be a certificate for the course and CPD hours to add to your portfolio. Endorsed courses are great for people who are already working professionally and who need to either update their skillset or gain new additional skills.

If you’re a student who is looking to use your Diploma qualifications to gain entry into university, then endorsed courses aren’t the right courses for you. You will need to look for accredited qualifications, these qualifications have been assessed and created to set benchmarks and learning outcomes that mean once you have successfully completed the course you will gain either UCAS points or credits, which work in the same way as UCAS points.

Which Diplomas get me UCAS Points?

To give you an example of the types of Diplomas you can study online to gain UCAS points and credits, you need to look for qualifications from awarding bodies such as BTEC Edexcel and ncfe CACHE, as these awarding bodies are Ofqual regulated and only offer courses that have been fully assessed to keep in line with required learning outcomes.

Online Diplomas that Open College offer which will help with your UCAS points include: