what Qualifications

There are many reasons for people wanting to gain qualifications quickly, whether it’s due to a change in career or losing your job, we can help you gain new skills to help boost and improve your CV.

If it has been a while since you last studied, you may be wondering what qualifications are available and more to the point, which you can gain quickly to get you back on track and earning again.

Although some qualifications like A-Levels or higher level Diplomas do usually take at least a year to complete, there are other qualifications which you can do in just a few months. And what’s more, they are just as recognised as your more traditional courses.

Depending on your knowledge and experience of a certain sector, with most Diplomas, you can start your studying of them at Level 3. A Level 3 qualification is rated as entry level and is equivalent to on A-Level, so the right level of course to give you a solid foundation understanding of a subject.

Level 3 Diplomas are available in many topics and although you have up to a year to complete the course, you can usually complete your studies within a few months. Meaning that within just 6 months you could have a whole new range of qualifications under your belt ready for you to start applying for new jobs.

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