Complete my A-Levels in One Year

When enrolling with Open College, you have the option of attempting to complete your A-Levels in one year rather than two. But what happens if you feel unable to complete your courses in this time or if something happens to stop you finishing your studies in one year?

Our role as an online college is to help and enable our students to complete their learning goals with as little stress and hassle as possible, so we like to keep things simple. When you enrol with the college, you are given the flexibility to complete your A-Levels either in the usual length of time (two years) or in a shorter time of one year.

One A-Level is approximately 350 hours of study time for the average student and so to complete the study of one subject, it would be approximately 2 hours of study a week to get your through the syllabus in preparation for the actual examinations. Which, when you think about it, isn’t actually that much of a commitment at all! But like with everything in life, things don’t always go to plan and things change, so you could easily find yourself struggling to spare those two hours every week without fail, meaning you may fall behind with your studies.

If after your first year of studying your chosen A-Levels and the time for booking in for your examinations is fast approaching, then it’s time to stop and assess your progress and how you feel about your studying. Should you not be sure about your knowledge or feel you haven’t covered enough of your course, chat with your tutor and ask for their thoughts, if after this you are sure you’re not ready to sit your examinations, then take the pressure off yourself and aim and plan for sitting them in the next examination period.

Remember, when it comes to learning and education, it doesn’t matter how long you take to get there, as long as you get there and so if you need the full two years to complete your studies, then do just that and ensure you get the best possible grades you can.

Should you need any further help or advice about taking A-Levels in one year, get in touch with our helpful team for a chat about your options.