Online Learning Work

If you’re considering signing up to online learning, you may be wondering exactly how it all works and what you will get once you have enrolled. Online learning is actually very simple and straight forward and we’ll explain a few of the ins and outs within this blog for you.

First things first, it’s important to remember that not all online learning is the same and there are some important differences from course type to course type and also from learning provider to learning provider. With some courses such as A-Levels or GCSEs, you will need to also take external examinations once you complete the course.

How Online Learning Works with A-Levels and GCSEs

Once enrolled to study either A-Levels or GCSEs, you will be provided with all the course materials you need to learn and study in order to successfully pass your examinations. The course materials are specially written to suit distance learners and allow for students to either study independently of their tutor or along with their tutor’s help.

Throughout the course materials there is a range of interactive quizzes, self assessment questions and also end of unit assessments. All of these are based on past papers from the relevant Awarding Body to ensure that throughout your learning experience you are building on your examination technique.

Your tutor is there to help and assist you whenever you need and ask. There are no limits on the number of questions you can ask your tutor and it’s always advised you make the best use of your tutor to ensure you fully understand all aspects of the course syllabus. Provided you have completed enough work, your tutor will also be able to help and assist you with providing your predicted grades to UCAS.

When it comes to the examinations, these are held in the summer of each year and you will be required to find a local examination centre and book yourself in for the exams when you are ready to sit them. We advise all students to do this in the January or February of the year they wish to sit their exams.

Once your exams have been completed, your examination centre will send your papers to the awarding body for marking. From there, when results are released and certificates issued, you will collect your results and certificates from your centre, just as any student in a school or college would.

Online Learning with Diploma Courses

With Diploma courses, the method of online learning and studying is different to that of A-Levels or GCSEs. Once you are enrolled, you will be provided with all the course materials you need to study and learn to pass the course. Diplomas are coursework based and aren’t tied to any examination periods, so you are free to work through and complete the course on a timeline that suits you. With most Level 3 Diplomas, you have up to one year to complete the course, but you can finish it sooner.

While studying your chosen Diploma course, you will have a tutor there to help and assist you with your online learning. They will also be the person who marks your required assessments at the end of each unit.

In order to successfully pass your Diploma and gain your qualification, you will need to have successfully passed all the written assessments and have had them externally verified by the Awarding Body. Your online learning provider will send your work to the Awarding Body to complete this process and once all checked, your issued certificate will be sent to you.

When can I Start?

Due to the nature of online learning and how online learning works, you are free to enrol and start studying your chosen course whenever it suits you. There are no restrictions or term times that you have to adhere to as a distance learning student and so it is very flexible and easy to fit your studies in around other commitments.

If you feel ready to start your learning journey, why not get in touch with our helpful team and discuss your options and courses.