Pearson (Edexcel) Awarding Body for A-Levels and GCSEs

Formerly known as just Edexcel, Pearson (Edexcel) Awarding Body for A-Levels and GCSEs has been established and running since 1840, when it was originally a publishing educational company based in London. Now, the Awarding Body is Internationally renowned and highly regarded by both schools and universities.

Pearson actually offers a range of qualifications from BTECs through to A-Levels and GCSEs and are constantly working to improve the range of courses and subjects that they can offer to potential students.

What A-Levels can I study with Pearson (Edexcel)?

Pearson offer well over 40 different subjects at A-Level. They offer both UK based A-Levels as well as International A-Levels and it’s possible for students to sit UK based A-Levels Internationally as well as nationally.

Some examples of A-Level subjects you can sit through Pearson are:

For a full range of the subjects they offer, you can visit their website here.

What GCSEs do Pearson (Edexcel) Awarding Body Offer?

As with the A-Levels, Pearson offer a very wide range of GCSEs that are frequently offered and study in UK schools and colleges by students. Currently, there are well over 30 different subjects available, some examples of courses are:

In recent years, the grading system for all GCSEs changed from the familiar and historic A – E grades, to a numerical system of 9-1. For more information on this, you can visit Pearson’s website here.

In the next blog of this series, we will be taking a closer look at the Cambridge International Awarding Body to help our students learn more about their qualifications.