When thinking of going to University, you may think that the only options for a placement on a Degree course is A-Levels, but that’s not necessarily the case. The actual requirements for entry depend on a number of contributing factors that you need to be aware of.

A quick visit to UCAS‘ website will be able to tell you the general requirements for going to university on different degrees, but what it can’t tell you is the alternatives for students who might not be following the traditional routes of education. So for example, the requirements for a mature student are very different to those of a school leaver.

The title ‘mature student’ can be somewhat misleading if you’re not used to the educational system, the term actually applies to anyone aged 21 or over who is applying to study a Degree at University. So if you’re a mature student, it’s important to check what your entry requirements may be as they will be different to those who have just completed school. The best way to do this is to contact potential universities’ admissions teams and ask them what you would need for a place.

Just as being a mature student makes a difference to what you need to go to University, so does the qualifications you hold. All students need to hold GCSEs or GCSE equivalent qualifications in at least English and Maths for most Degree courses. Along with these, you are going to need Level 3 or above qualifications to be accepted, they type of Level 3 qualifications can be in the form of Diplomas or A-Levels or even a mix of both.

Once you have the needed qualifications, then you can begin the process of applying for University and completing your Degree course. If you would like some help with selecting your needed qualifications, get in touch with our helpful team for further advice.