course materials

When it comes to learning online, the way you receive your course materials is very different to that of when you are learning in a traditional school or college environment. Usually, before your course begins, you are given a list of books that you need to purchase in order to be able to study your chosen course, but when it comes to online learning, things are much simpler.

Once enrolled on your chosen course, whether it’s an A-Level, GCSE, Diploma or Short Course, instead of needing to go and buy the books to support your learning, you are given a login to a learning portal. Through this portal you have access to all the course materials you need to learn and study in order to be able to complete your course in full.

Unlike in the early years of online learning where the course materials were just a PDF or electronic version of the same books you would have in a classroom, now course materials online go much further! They are interactive with quizzes, videos, revision and self assessment tasks that bring learning to life for students. The added variation of learning helps students to really get the most out of their learning, which in turn means better results when it comes to the completion of the qualification.

What if I want Additional Resources for my Course Materials?

Even though online courses come with materials that include everything you need to learn and study to complete the qualification, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use additional resources or that you shouldn’t. As the old saying goes ‘knowledge is power’, so the more knowledge you gain while studying your course the better.

On most courses, you will be assigned a tutor who is there to help and support you, along with mark your work that you submit. So if you feel the need or want for more resources, you can simply ask your tutor and they will happily provide you with suggestions for further resources.

If you’re feeling ready to begin your learning journey, Open College offer several courses online that are open for students to enrol on and start studying right away. Should you wish to discuss your options more, get in touch with our friendly team and they will be happy to help you.