Choose which Course to Study

When looking at the next step of education, knowing how to choose which course to study is important. It will also make the decision process much easier and simpler for you, which will ultimately mean less stress and worry.

So where do you start when working out which is the best course for you? Ideally, if you can or have an idea already, you should start with your end goal or dream career. So, for example, if your studying journey is all about becoming a Doctor, then you will already know you have to go to University and you’re going to need A-Levels to get there. Or if you’re thinking of doing something based in Management, then you’re going to need either A-Levels or Diplomas to achieve this.

Even if you don’t know the exact qualifications you need for your dream career, once you know what you want to be, you can do a Google search to find out what you need to get into that career and then it’s just a case of finding the right courses.

What if I don’t have a Dream Career in Mind?

It’s perfectly OK to not know what you want to do yet, or what career you want to work in, the truth for most is that they don’t know either! If this is the case, then start looking at your strengths and what you enjoy. If you’re academically gifted and love the challenges of studying and improving your mind, then go for A-Levels in subjects that you enjoy with the aim of applying for a place at university on a course relating to that topic. Remember, a Degree doesn’t mean you have to have a career in the same subject, but it will show potential employers that you can apply your knowledge at a high level.

If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy traditional qualifications with examinations, then there are still plenty of options open to you! Rather than looking at A-Levels, try and find recognised Diplomas in the subjects you enjoy (such as BTECs). Diplomas offer a vocational route to many careers, including areas in Teaching and Health and Social care.