AQA Awarding Body

When looking at taking either A-Levels or GCSEs, one of the Awarding Bodies you will hear about frequently is AQA. AQA was established in 1997 and was formerly known as Assessment and Qualifications Alliance. The AQA Awarding Body is very widely used within schools around the UK, making it a very popular body for courses.

Although it is an internationally recognised Awarding Body and universities around the world will accept their qualifications. Currently, it’s only possible to sit the examinations for either the A-Levels or GCSEs in the UK. However, with that said, this doesn’t mean that International students cannot take the exams, it just means they would have to travel to the UK to sit them.

What A-Level Subjects are Available with the AQA Awarding Body?

Due to AQA being such an established Awarding Body, there are currently over 30 different A-Level subjects that you can study. And judging by their website, there are plenty more subjects to come. At this current time, you could study any of the following courses:

The list above is by no means complete, you can see more A-Level courses available through the AQA Awarding Body section here.

Are AQA A Levels Available for Adults?

As AQA A Levels are popular for schools and colleges, mature students looking to study them often worry if they can. Truth is though, you can study the courses as a mature student without any issues or problems. Of course, the way in which you study them and with who will vary, as you can’t just go back to school.

If you’re a mature student, it’s important for you to know that AQA A Levels are widely available. Mostly delivered via online format from various online colleges. Courses being online helps to make the courses more accessible and more flexible for studying. A quick search on Google will show you just how many courses are currently available for study and where.

What GCSE Subjects are Available with AQA?

Just as with A-Levels, there are several different topics that you can study with AQA at GCSE level. Some examples of subjects are:

  • Dance
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Engineering

For a full list of the available GCSE qualifications from the Awarding Body, visit their website here. The AQA website is actually a great source for information on all upcoming courses that might be of interest to you.

Why Study AQA Qualifications as a Private Candidate?

Aside from their availability, AQA courses are known for being easy and enjoyable to study (which is why schools use them). The syllabus of the course(s) always holds a focus on more relevant and applicable topics to help students really engage and understand what they are learning. So for a Private Candidate, it makes sense to pick a course that is widely available and popular. As this will then mean it’s easier for you to find an examination centre when the time comes.

Can AQA A Levels be Fast Track?

Yes. Just like all other A Levels, if you would like to fast track your study of your course, you can do this. Opting to fast track your A Level study is something that you can’t do in school. So if you’re looking to cover A Levels in one year or less, you will have to take your A Levels online.

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