Self Study

If you have been looking at studying a course online, chances are you have come across the phrase ‘self study course’, but what does that mean exactly? The phrase is a bit misleading and confusing if you don’t work within education, as it implies you are left totally on your own to fend for yourself while trying to plough through endless course materials.

A more accurate way to describe a self study course would be a course that fits around you. So if you’re the type of person who hated school and the restrictions of studying at set times each week, then a self study course is perfect for you, you’re free to choose when you want to study, where you want to study and how.

Does this Type of Course mean no Tuition?

Not at all. It usually means there is a tutor there to help and mark your work, but they will only interact with you and help you as and when you ask for it. So that means no being chased down for not handing your work in by a certain date and no pressing demands or hand-holding, unless that’s what you want and need to get you through your studies.

What Types of Courses can I Study like this?

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and modern technology, you can study almost every type of course there is by this method. From A-Levels through to high level Diplomas, you can self study your way to your dream career.