Self Studying

Deciding to take that step and start studying is a big one. And it’s safe to say that while researching and looking for your ideal course on websites, you will have come across the phrase ‘self study course’. But what does that mean exactly? The phrase is a bit misleading and confusing if you don’t work within education. So we’re going to breakdown what self studying a course really means and the best ways to approach this type of study.

Firstly, to clarify, self studying a course doesn’t mean you are left totally on your own to fend for yourself while trying to plough through endless course materials. A more accurate way to describe self studying would be learning that fits around you. So if you’re the type of person who hated school and the restrictions of studying at set times each week, then a self study course is perfect for you.

Self studying any course is a great way to get qualifications that you want and need in your own time. Even though it sounds daunting, the processes of doing it are actually very straightforward and even fun at times.

Which Courses can be Self Studied?

How do I Start Studying a Self Study Course?

Starting on a course is thankfully nice and easy. Once you know what type of course you would like to study, then it’s just a case of doing a quick Google search to find an online college or school that offers the qualification. Enrolment onto the course is as easy as buying a new pair of shoes online, you just add the course to your basket and checkout. Then the college’s team will set up your online learning portal ready for you to login and start self studying as and when you’re ready.

Does this Type of Course Mean no Tuition?

Not at all. It usually means there is a tutor there to help and mark your work, but they will only interact with you and help you as and when you ask for it. So that means no being chased down for not handing your work in by a certain date and no pressing demands or hand-holding, unless that’s what you want and need to get you through your studies.

When Should I Start Self Studying a Course?

To be honest, there really isn’t a stead fast rule on when you should start. As a general rule, the earlier you get started, the sooner you will be able to finish and complete the course. With some courses, you need to be careful of when the examinations are. For example, A Levels have examinations held once a year and so you want to ensure you leave yourself enough time to study for them.